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Our Community 💗 April 24, 2024

Updated: Apr 24

What's Happening This Week at CSL Kelowna

  • Sunday, April 28: Soul Food Sunday, with Rev. Barbara Samuel

  • More on this Month’s Theme: Giant Gentleness

  • Last Week’s Talk: Judge with Gentle Judgement with Irene Kowalchuk, RScP

  • Member Spotlight: Randy Dyck

  • Holmes History: Part 7

  • Inspirational Song of the Week: Melissa and Z

Join us every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. at Studio 9, 1180 Houghton Road, Kelowna, BC. Doors open at 10:15 am. Please visit the event page for more details and a map. Everyone is welcome!

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Sunday, April 28: Soul Food Sunday

Stand Your Ground

Rev. Barbara Samuel

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." - Neale Donald Walsch


Spring is a season of transformation when we plant our seeds of intention.  Whether you are growing flowers or into a new way of being, the conditions, soil, and ground must be right at the time of planting if you want a successful harvest.


If you are reading this, you are probably looking for effective ways to make some sort of transformation in your life, or you are trying to make sense of things that are currently happening the world.  Join Rev. Barb & Neal as they walk with their spiritual community planting seeds of love, success, fulfillment, and transformation!

PLUS.... Soul Food Sunday always means The Science Corner!


See you at Soul Food Sunday!





Let’s take this gentleness to a cosmic level, breathing in Truth, changing our perspectives, and celebrating Life! 

In those flashes when we are conscious of our Oneness there is an openness and all-encompassing Love. In all the other moments in our lives we need Giant Gentleness.

How do we look at the world around us and the future of humanity with gentleness?  We use the Principles of Science of Mind.  We celebrate the wins.  We don’t deny the struggles and pain, but we remember who we are (individually and spiritually).  We remember that Life is bigger than the news, trends, and forecasts. 

Discussion Points that Illustrate This Point of View:

Humanity The reports of humanity’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

There is more bad news out every day. We can give into the bad news and give up.  Or we can change our perspectives and thrive. We don’t want to deny the issues and situations.  But we don’t want to be lost in the tragedies and traumas.

We get to remember there is so much more to Life than these circumstances.  We come back to the Science of Mind.  We realize that since there is only One Life Force Energy and It is present everywhere all the time, then It is alive and well in humanity.

Nature Climate change, extinctions, natural disasters are clamoring to get our attention and our focus. In our bodies, repeated stress and fear show up as dis-ease.  In nature, it presents as tornadoes, floods, and another species of tree or animal removed from the planet.  The Earth, and all her pieces and parts, is part of The Whole. 

But we can’t use fear and struggle to create a solution.  That’s what created the scenarios we are currently experiencing.  Science of Mind tells us that what we focus on we get more of. When we use Love as our compass, we are led to new possibilities. 

Universal Community The multiverse is bigger than we can imagine.  While we are imagining going to Mars and exploring beyond our solar systems, we get to remember that we are One Energy in multiple forms. 

In our evolving awareness we also get to embrace that there’s so much more to Life than our current understanding.  Gentleness is prolific love and compassion.  We cannot know what we don’t know yet. 

Being okay with not knowing and continuously looking around in love with wonder and curiosity opens us up to know more and be more. We can focus on “out there,” but first let’s be present here.  Let us genuinely create a loving community with the people in this space.

“There is something about you and me that is cosmic, universal, that stretches over time and space; let us learn to think better of ourselves.”  ~ Ernest Holmes

This cosmic giant of gentleness is calling for us to expand our awareness and liberally apply love and compassion to all the aspects of our lives. This gentleness is not a one and done kind of thing.  Our practices build it.  As we nurture ourselves, we grow it.  As we liberate our bodies and nature from worry and stress, we expand it. 

This cosmic gentleness that we have cultivated and nurtured goes from us to touch and bless the world and generations yet to come.   

“I think love is the only security there is in the Universe.  There is nothing worthwhile without it; …  We must have love, and for everybody.”  ~Ernest Holmes


Last Week’s Talk

Judge with Gentle Judgement

With Irene Kowalchuk, RScP


Last week, Irene talked about – gasp! – politics and religion.  If you missed her talk, or want to hear it again, click the link:



Member Spotlight: Randy Dyck


When the Fraser Canyon Hospital in Hope, BC opened in 1959, there were only 20 beds. In one of those beds was born our very own Randy Dyck – the first male baby born in that hospital.

Randy has been attending our centre for over 15 years, ever since another member brought him to one of our services.  Randy said he’d never been to anything like it before and he was impressed by Dr. Kenn’s (Gordon) talk.  Randy says, “When I heard him speak it was incredible, like, how did he know so much about me when I’d never met him before?”

Randy’s a bit of a rolling stone.  When he first started attending our services, he drove in from Armstrong every Sunday.  Then, after he moved to Alberta, whenever he had time off, he would come to Kelowna to attend our service in person.  Now that he lives here full time, he comes to our services whenever his work schedule allows.  That’s commitment!

Randy works for Bluestar Coachline, driving tourists and Hockey teams all around our beautiful province.  If you see him driving by, give him a honk and a wave!



Holmes History: Part 7

The life and times of the founder of Science of Mind

In Part 6 we learned about Spiritual Mind Treatment. This week we look at some of Ernest Holmes’ final projects completed before his transition.

Ernest Holmes finished two major projects just months before he passed on. In 1959 he and his brother, Fenwicke completed an epic poem, The Voice Celestial. It was in this book that Ernest seemed to find his greatest outlet for creative expression during his last years.

For some time, there was talk of constructing a grand church building adjacent to United Church of Religious Science headquarters, one that could accommodate large crowds for Sunday services.

The dream was realized in 1960 when Founder’s Church of Religious Science was completed. Ernest presided over the dedication of the church in January of that year, just three months before he made his transition.

Personally, Ernest Holmes never wanted a church, and wasn’t interested in religion. He only wanted a teaching ministry. He never cared for choirs, soloists, or flowers in front of the lectern.

He believed in some ritual, but he stressed to keep the ritual simple and beautiful, at absolute minimum. Holmes said, “To evolve a higher understanding of the spiritual universe, humanity and the church must be free, open at the top.”

Source: Science of Mind Archives


Inspirational Song of the Week


Melissa and Z

Rev. Z Egloff is a cartoonist, spoken word artist, and award-winning author of the spiritual humor blog, Life in Z-D: A Goofball’s Guide to Enlightenment. Their wife, Rev. Dr. Melissa Phillippe, is a singer-songwriter and teacher with nine albums of original music in release.

Melissa and Z are the founders of OhMyGod Life, an online and traveling ministry. Both Melissa and Z hold Masters in Consciousness Studies. Z also holds a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, and Melissa has an honorary Doctorate for her contributions to the field of New Thought music.

Their mission is to bring radical joy to the world!



Fill out your membership here,



April 28 : Rev. Barbara Samuel – Soul Food Sunday


Regular Events at CSLK

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Sunday Celebrations start at 10:30am PT at Studio 9, 1180 Houghton Road, Kelowna. Please park on the street or at Ben Lee Park (1.5 blocks from the school). You can also watch us live on Facebook or watch the replay later on YouTube.


Our volunteers are immensely valuable to CSLK! If you can help out with making coffee, setting up and/or after-service taking down, please contact Rev. Corinne Crockett at 250-868-9090 or email


Do you have an idea for CSLK community opportunities you’d like to experience? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Please contact Rev. Corinne Crockett at 250-868-9090 or email

Practitioner Support

Our ministers and practitioners are in service to all of us. If you need help to see the Truth in a situation; if you are looking for clarity; if you are struggling; our ministers and practitioners are here to support you. You can contact them through the About page on our website, or you can submit a prayer request on the Contact page.


Bring Nature’s Fare Receipts to CSLK!

Nature’s Fare grocery store receipts are worth a pretty penny to us! Bring your shopping receipts to Sunday service and place them into the receipt box on the table in front of the stage in the Studio 9 auditorium. Nature’s Fare will donate 3% of the total of your purchases to CSL Kelowna! Every receipt helps! Thank you!


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We’re grateful for the ways CSL Kelowna is able to accept donations:

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For more information, please contact Rev. Melody Bailey.



"The best way to take care of the future is to take care of the present moment"

– Thich Nhat Hanh


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Vol. 1, Issue 11

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