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We invite everyone to hold world peace in consciousness with us, wherever they are, on Sunday, April 5th.

If you want to do it in real time at the precise time that we in Kelowna are intending, know that some individuals may choose to walk in their own chosen locations starting at 1pm PST, if they feel well, safe and are in compliance with local laws at that time. We'll seal the walk with a 15-minute peace mediation.

Afterward, it would be wonderful to hear from you on our 2020 Peace Walk discussion board on Facebook. Tell us what you did to honour peace and where. Please post photos (on our Facebook event page, whether you climbed Knox Mountain in Kelowna, walked on a near-to-you nature trail (wherever in the world you're located), and even if you stayed put in your own living room!

Everyone is welcome to join us as we intentionally and courageously choose to stand for peace, compassion and freedom.

This occasion marks the end of the Season for Nonviolence, which is the 64 days between the anniversary of the assassinations of Gandhi on January 30 and Dr Martin Luther King Jr on April 4. The Season teaches that every person can move the world forward in the direction of peace through daily nonviolent choices and actions.

World peace begins with inner peace ~ Dalai Lama
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Back from retirement for one special appearance, we present to you Dr. Kenn Gordon. It has been one month since Dr. Kenn's retirement from his position as Spiritual Leader for Centers for Spiritual Living and, my goodness, a lot has happened. Dr. Kenn weighs in with his spiritual wisdom about what is going on in the world.

Join us this Sunday at 10:30 am on Facebook Live!

But it does feel as if the world’s reset button has been pushed, as if we’re defragging society’s hard drive. Once we boot up again, we might find ourselves in a better place. ~ Tobias Jones
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