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Transformative Education

The philosophy of education at Centres for Spiritual Living is to present Science of Mind as an exciting, contemporary educational model through which learners fully experience the spiritual reality of their being. This model recognizes that all aspects of life are spiritual, as the curriculum infuses the intellectual, emotional, and physical aspects of contemporary living. The educational program of Centres for Spiritual Living offers people of all ages the opportunity to realize the Presence of God, to discover their inherent creative power, and to experience the Presence and Power in their daily lives.

Those who "stay the course" form an incredible bond, unified by their dedication to apply spiritual principles to the everyday problems of human life. This is a movement from theory to embodiment. As we study the Science of Mind, we awaken to the dawning of new insights upon our consciousness. Suddenly, the words Life, Principle, Reality, the Law of Mind, Pure Awareness, God and Spiritual Mind Treatment take on a new significance. There is an excitement in working and supporting students in using the Science of Mind and Spirit, to more effectively, promptly, and constructively move through obstacles and ultimately to manifest desired results.

When we run classes or workshops, they will be listed on the home page under Upcoming Events.


“Science of Mind principles are simple, and yet demand daily practice and application. When I was willing to do the work, that's when new and great manifestations started occurring in my life.”

— C.F.


Classes and Workshops

Our classes and workshops teach practical spiritual tools for personal growth that will help you tap into the magnificent power within you. It has always been there, and it is waiting for you to use it. 

When we run classes or workshops, they will be listed on the home page under Upcoming Events.

We also have a fabulous children's program, VIBE, to support children in developing knowledge of the divine essence within them. (VIBE is currently on hiatus.)


Foundations of the Science of Mind

Thoughts are Things

This powerful class examines the basic principles of Science of Mind and uncovers old beliefs that may be limiting your life. Learn in a safe and supportive environment, and deepen spiritual understanding at your own pace. Learn Spiritual Mind Treatment, meditation, and other spiritual practices to develop your own daily practice.

This class is experiential with exercises to assist you in embracing and incorporating Science of Mind principles in practical ways.

This course is offered through Zoom as we practice physical distancing while spiritual connecting.

Suitable for newcomers and experienced members. Next course TBC.

Facilitators: Dr Deborah Gordon and Amanda Pope RScP.

*During this time of economic uncertainty, please let us know if this cost is a barrier for you. 

** If you would like to support a student in taking this course we would welcome your sponsorship.


Vibrant Individuals Being Educated

VIBE is the Centre for Spiritual Living Kelowna's children's program.

We provide our children and youth with a safe environment to explore their spirituality and to gain a foundation of practice with universal spiritual principles. Mindfulness is the core of the program.

Our programs present wonderful ways to grow and nurture the inherent wholeness that exists in our children and youth.

(VIBE is currently on hiatus.)

Outdoor Class

“Classes keep me growing. When I am involved in classes I continually work my practices and learn more about myself, which reawakens within me my Divine greatness.”

— C.L.


“Science of Mind classes were the door that opened me not only to the spiritual principles that govern my life, but to incredible bonding with my like-minded class members!”

— S.M.