A little bit about us

We are a welcoming community that embraces many spiritual paths. There is no dogma here. No one will tell you what to think or how you should act. This is a community that celebrates difference. We come together to practice spiritual tools to improve our lives and that, in turn, makes the world better as well. We believe in freedom, personal accountability, and mutual respect. Click the links below to learn more.

The Centre for Spiritual Living Kelowna is an inclusive and alternative spiritual community. Kenn and Deborah Gordon founded the Centre in 1994 and they have maintained a clear vision - a world that works for everyone - in their teaching, healing ministry
Our Spiritual Directors

Drs Kenn and Deborah Gordon founded the Centre for Spiritual Living Kelowna in 1994. Since that time the community has grown to include many staff ministers, spiritual coaches, and a vibrant community of members.


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The Teaching

We believe that there is a fundamental truth that is common among all faiths and philosophies. Even science is now starting to uncover evidence of this metaphysical idea - this interconnectedness of all life. 


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Our Ministers

Our ministers at the Centre for Spiritual Living Kelowna have had over 6 years of training in the principles of this teaching. They have devoted their lives to their own spiritual practice and to service to others. Ministers are licensed to perform weddings and memorial services. They are also fully licensed as spiritual coaches.


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Our Spiritual Coaches

Spiritual coaches are available for one on one support. They are trained in the art and science of positive prayer (also referred to as Spiritual Mind Treatment).

Spiritual coaches, or licensed practitioners see the divine magnificence in every person.


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