About Us

We are a welcoming community that embraces many spiritual paths. There is no dogma here. No one will tell you what to think or how you should act. Our community celebrates diversity. We believe in freedom, personal accountability, and mutual respect.

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Our Founders

Drs Kenn and Deborah Gordon founded the Centre for Spiritual Living Kelowna in 1993. Since then, the community has grown to include many staff ministers, spiritual coaches, and a vibrant community of members.

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Dr Deborah Gordon

Spiritual Director

Dr Deborah brings a profound depth and wisdom to her role as the Spiritual Director with 35 years of study of the Science of Mind. She oversees the spiritual programming and pastoral aspects of the community, and she provides leadership to the practitioners and staff ministers. Dr Deborah brings grace and compassion as a teacher, leader, and speaker. She has served in many roles with the global organization, Centers for Spiritual Living.

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Rev. Corinne Crockett

Assistant Minister

Reverend Corinne Crockett has been a licensed minister since 2014. She has served as our Board president, head of practitioners, Compassionate Care Team coordinator, Wednesday mid-week service coordinator, part of our Education committee, on our Ceremonies Committee and coordinator of Tom’s Jam night. The focus of her Master’s thesis was spirituality and healthcare.

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Barbara Samuel

Musical Director

Reverend Barb brings an energetic and heartfelt connectedness to Sunday Services as our Musical and Artistic Director. She oversees guest musicians and special services with her Co-Director and husband, Neal Klassen. About once a month, Barb leads Soul Food Sunday, a service filled with uplifting music and inspiration, and Neal shares amusing anecdotes through Science Corner.