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Happy Monday, May 9, 2022

Happy day to everyone! This week, I thought I’d give a few updates on some things that have been going on. I know I always appreciate being in the know!

First thing is that we’ve been collecting donations for a Ukrainian family that is being sponsored by members of our Centre. I’m happy to let you know we’ve done well! We have some generous donations of cash cards (which are very appreciated) and also we were able to secure some furniture from the home of someone who’d passed away, so that was extra-super helpful. Still on the wish list are: outdoor furniture, BBQ, pots and pans, cleaning supplies, children’s bikes and cash cards. If you’d like to contribute, please contact Rev. Corinne Crockett at

Last week, I put out a query to get feedback from you, our community, in terms of what you’d like to see as we come back into a more typical life schedule for the summer. While I didn’t get too many responses, from what I’ve gleaned, most of you are pretty happy to come back for Sunday morning services, but are preferring to keep other summer scheduling to a minimum. I’d still love to hear more responses on this. Please reply to me at

Yesterday was our first service in our temporary (2 months or so) location, a large classroom at Studio 9.

It turned out better than I initially thought it might! I want to acknowledge and thank Rev. Corinne Crockett for going in the day before to completely re-arrange the room for us. It was quite a feat. If anyone is interested in participating in that set up and tear down in the future, please let Corinne or myself know.

I loved having a full house and I really loved being able to hear us singing together. When there was only 6 of us in the studio on Sunday mornings, I used to hold my singing voice back so that it wouldn’t be heard online. Now that we’re all singing together, I’m delighted to be able to sing out loud again!

During yesterday’s Mother’s Day service, I shared that my mom never told me that she loved me. After the service, I was touched by how many people responded by telling me they’d had the same experience growing up. Although I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, of course, there’s some comfort in knowing that I wasn’t alone in that experience. Thank you, everyone, for sharing!

Just to let you know, I’m looking forward to hearing Neal Klassen speak next Sunday (Fear, Frustration and Chicken Feathers). Like many of you, I’ll be watching online. Kenn and I are going to a memorial in Vancouver for his aunt and uncle who both passed during Covid-19. His aunt was his mom’s twin sister and the two of them married two best friends. Both families were very close and literally grew up together. I’m grateful we’ll be able to be in attendance to help celebrate their lives.

Speaking of online, one last thing, just in case any of you onliners were wondering why you haven’t seen any comments from me for the past couple of weeks (since we’ve been at our new location). I want to let you know it’s because the school blocks social media access so that the students don’t use it while at school. I will see if I can arrange to be on the special access list soon. I just wanted to let you know why, and also to let you know that I always re-watch the service during the week, especially to read the comments from you! You matter to me greatly!

Monday blessings to all!

Dr. Deborah


If you missed yesterday’s Mother’s Day talk by Dr. Deborah Gordon, Rev. Melody Bailey and Rev. Barbara Samuel, titled Oh My Mama, you can watch it and other past services on the CSLK YouTube channel.



Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!

Anne Frank


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