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Our Community 💗 October 27, 2023

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Talk for this Sunday, October 29, 2023

The Genius of the "AND"

- Rev. Barbara Samuel & Neal Klassen


"The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects to

change it; the realist adjust the sails"

- William Arthur Ward

Can we believe in oneness when there is division in the world? A Paradox mindset allows us the freedom to simultaneously hold both of theses ideas in our minds without a need to "solve" a problem.

Join us this Sunday, October 29, 2023 at 10:30 am PT at Studio 9, 1180 Houghton Road, Kelowna, BC. Doors open at 10:15am. Please visit the event page for more details and a map. Everyone is welcome!

Or, WATCH US ON Facebook Live


This Week's Science of Mind Theme

Embracing The Genius of the AND

Truly embracing the genius of the AND, our Paradox Mindset, is the way forward.

Builders of greatness liberate themselves with the “Genius of the ‘AND’ (to paraphrase Jim Collins).

This week, Rev. Barb and Neal explore solutions, possibilities, and potentials that exist when we release ourselves from the bondage of the known and step into the unknown, where paradoxes play.

Science of Mind is uniquely poised at the tipping point of creating a world that works for all. It’s up to us to utilize the power of our teaching to bring people together into the solution of a third way.

As we embrace all aspects of life, navigating the ups and downs, working together to see the benefits of other perspectives than our own, and solving problems that were created at a time when solutions seemed impossible, we find that a paradox mindset is the natural next step in our spiritual evolution.

We can find the AND just beyond our comfort zone, when we let go of certainty and embrace paradox. We find the AND every time we release our attachment to our old paradigms and step into a new way of being. We are being called to embrace the AND in everything we do as we support one another in shifting our thinking and stand in the One Mind.

Each of us has the ability to live our lives from the genius of the AND. We must be willing to set down our preconceived ideas, old beliefs, cultural mindset, childhood patterns, “and/or” thinking and step into something brand new.

Quote from Themes:

1. “A true healing is the revealing of the Truth.” ― Ernest Holmes

3. “There is no stagnation in Spirit, nor should there be any in our idea of spirituality. To be spiritual is to create! The Spirit is alive, conscious, aware and active.” ― Ernest Holmes The Science of Mind (p. 67.2)

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