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Happy Monday, August 2, 2021

August is now upon us. To me, this month always feels like the ‘turn’ of the summer and brings to my mind that fall will soon be here with its feelings of getting back to our regular routines. I’m noticing that feeling in myself. In our world right now, I’m not sure having a lot of ‘back to regular’ feelings is very practical or likely, but I do know that I’m keeping the faith, trusting and knowing that all is unfolding as it should. Anyone remember that poem from the seventies called Desiderata? (I’ll bet many of you do.) It’s timely.

The news of the day (well, yesterday) here in the Okanagan Valley is that it rained! Not a lot for sure, not enough to even make a dent on putting out any of the fires that are burning all around our valley, not enough to clear out any of the extreme smoke conditions we’re under, but enough to say it sprinkled.

Celebrating rain at Ellis St and Doyle Ave in Kelowna, August 1, 2021 | Photo by Annie Zalezsak

As I thought about this, I was reminded of what some of us do in our lives. We say we want something, we have a desire we want to manifest, and perhaps we’re even willing to pray, do a Spiritual Mind Treatment for it, or even get in touch with a Science of Mind practitioner to do a treatment for us; but then when it happens, we don’t recognize it as directly connected to our prayerful thoughts about it. Or it starts to happen and we don’t realize (as I said in my Sunday message yesterday) that “most often our demonstrations don’t show up as full blown manifestations. We must learn to celebrate our small successes. This means we don’t stomp on the new little baby sprouts and say, ‘Oh you’re not enough – I want a full blown daisy!’ Our part is to acknowledge, encourage and cultivate the smallest signs of our answered prayer.”

And so, I’m going to keep thoughts of rain, abating fires, and clean air in my mind.

I also wonder what might you be wanting to “bud and grow” into your life that needs your nurturing, your care, your tending to? Maybe it’s a great, grand goal, or maybe it’s your own personal, conscious August hiatus, time for your soul to rest and rejuvenate (just like our community Zoom sessions are on summer vacation). The beauty of it all, is that you get to choose!

I want to put a shout out to those here locally: we’ll be at The Vibrant Vine winery for an outdoor service on August 22nd at 10:30 am. I’m so excited! It will also be livestreamed. An RSVP on our website is not required, but it is encouraged because it would be nice to know an approximation of how many people we can expect. When you RSVP, you’ll get a lovely reminder notice the day before, as well as directions on how to get there. How great is that?

Blessings as always, Dr. Deborah


If you missed yesterday’s Sunday Celebration talk given by Dr. Deborah Gordon titled What Are Your BeLIEfs?, you can watch it (and other past services) on the CSLK YouTube channel.


Practitioner of the Week is Jade Harms, RScP. If you are looking for one-to-one prayer treatment support for ANYTHING, you can contact this practitioner directly via email at



The rain begins with a single drop.

Manal al-Sharif


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