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Happy Monday, April 10, 2023

Happy Easter Monday!

I’m so delighted the Easter Bunny visited our Centre yesterday, leaving behind precious treats for everyone! The power of the affirmations tucked inside Easter eggs Rev. Karin Wilson gifted us to transform our lives is real. I hope you use them liberally, and feel the Truth of their messages.

Easter Monday is also known as Little Easter, Bright Monday, or Renewal Day by various traditions. Throughout history, Easter Monday is a day on which the continued joy of the Easter Season and the celebration of renewal and resurrection is celebrated around the world.

I particularly love Renewal Day myself, as each and every brand-new baby day or moment is yet another opportunity to renew and resurrect myself, no matter what has gone before. I can always choose again.

In the teaching of Religious Science, we see Jesus the Christ as the ‘Great Example’ rather than the great exception. Throughout Christ’s ministry, he reminded us that the Christ nature is within every one of us; we are made in the image and likeness of the Divine. Each of us is capable of performing miracles, but often we play it small, not stepping fully into who we’re meant to be.

Yesterday’s Sunday message offered each of us a challenge to rise up, letting go of the many places we’ve kept ourselves “nailed to the cross”, crucified by our own limiting beliefs or stuck in the stories of the past, not letting our Divine nature shine as it’s intended.

While it may feel vulnerable to shine, staying stuck in limitation is far more painful.

In our teaching, we have spiritual technology to assist us in lifting our Spirits and allow us to consciously create good in our lives and in the world. Such practices as Spiritual Mind Treatment, affirmations, meditation, and visioning are powerful tools for us to use to transform our lives.

According to Rev. Dr. Ernest Holmes, “In the Science of Mind, we learn that persistent, constructive thought is the greatest power known and the most effective.” (SOM, p. 483).

The basic tenet of Religious Science is: Thought + Feeling = Effect. Conscious, trained thought is much more powerful than unconscious, untrained thought. The pervading atmosphere created by our thinking and feeling nature results in the life we are living.

But we must be diligent with our thoughts, as Dr. Holmes wrote, and keep rising above the tendency to succumb to negative thoughts and limiting ideas. We must affirm, know and feel the good for ourselves if we are to experience it.

In the privacy of your own mind, what do you affirm for yourself? Are you kind and life-giving, focussed on the good, or are your thoughts filled with self-judgment, criticism, limitation and lack? These are the ways in which we crucify ourselves and limit our experience of life.

Yet we are always able to choose again, and affirm that “there’s a power for good in this universe and I can use it.”

Let today be the day we let go of limitation and rise up into sharing our Light and Gift with the world.


Rev. Corinne


If you missed yesterday’s Easter Sunday Celebration, you can watch the replay and other past services on the CSLK YouTube channel.


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