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A spiritual coach, or licensed practitioner, is someone who is trained in the art and science of positive prayer (also referred to as spiritual mind treatment). Practitioners see the divine magnificence in every person. They know that there is a greater good in every situation They are committed to their own spiritual practice and they are in service to others. Let them support you in finding the divine truth in your current situation. If you are facing a challenge in your life; if you are feeling lost in any way; or if you just want to be reminded of the greatness within you, make an appointment today to meet with a spiritual coach.


The suggested cost for coaching sessions is $35 with a licensed practitioner and $55 with a licensed minister.


Every week at the Sunday Celebration one of our spiritual coaches is available in service to offer complimentary prayer support.



I absolutely love to use the power of my intention to help others. Whether I am in meditation holding a vision for peace on the planet or in prayer for the healing of another person, I consider it an honour to be able to use my consciousness in support of someone else's good.

Having made some amazing positive changes in my own life through the use of spiritual tools like affirmative prayer, meditation, visualizaton it is a gift to now be in service to others.

I find myself in a constant state of learning.  As a Practitioner, I have learned to respect myself, to respect others and to take full responsibility for my life as it is.


Knowing that treatment is an active thing, I find it fulfilling to help others help themselves in the awakening of that which is within, to allow the circulation of good.

Joanne is passionate about supporting others in their spiritual growth. Empowering individuals to explore the depths of self and to move into greater self understanding to create joy and fulfillment. She loves to help others get clear on their energy and tap into their natural intuitive abilities so that they may become their own guide. 


Joanne is honored to share Science of Mind teaching as she has witnessed the amazing changes it has brought to her own life, and knows the power of this teaching when the tools are applied and utilized.To her, there is nothing more beautiful than the witnessing of people as they blossom from the inside out! 

Melva’s desire is to help others to have faith in themselves, through the experience of the One Power.


“The Power that I speak of is a Power that surpasses all other Power – it is the Power of the One,” Melva says.


Melva is one of the founding members of the Centre for Spiritual Living in Kelowna, having come to the Centre in 1993. She has been a license practitioner since the late 1990s.

Following 5 years of studying Spiritual Mind principles and practices Barb is now consciously creating a joy-filled life every day. She is able to appreciate and give gratitude for the life she has created, while continuing to evolve into the person she is meant to be.


Her area of joy and service is working with our children, and through the V.I.B.E. she has found her place as a Practitioner in our Centre.


Derek feels he has always been a Religious Scientist, he just didn’t know there were others out there who thought the same way he does!


Derek serves our Centre on many levels, in many leadership capacities. He is on a journey to discover his own brilliance, and is committed to helping others find their own.

Pauline believes everyone deserves joy in their life, no matter what.“Every person is worthwhile and necessary and we are all one and equally important. I always treat for alignment with highest good and a life that unfolds with ease and grace.”


Pauline holds a diploma in business administration, and has extensive entrepreneurial experience. 

In Loving Memory...

Merv Flahr

Merv made his transition in August of 2015. He is lovingly remembered as a spiritual coach, counsellor and mentor. He was involved in the New Thought movement for 10 years and was registered with the Canadian Professional Counsellors' Association. 


Merv had a passion for both music and the healing arts and he was an active Practitioner with the World Ministry of Prayer.  Merv had published a book called 'Bee's Search for Meaning", and was the editor of an online newsmagazine, "Infinite Potential". 

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