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Our Community 💗 June 19, 2024

What's Happening This Week at CSL Kelowna

  • Meet and Greet: June 20

  • June 23: talk with Rev. John DePalma

  • News From the Board

  • Mark Your Calendars!

  • Last Week’s Talk, with Rev. Melody Bailey

  • New Thought Peace Prayer

  • Holmes Lectures: How the Power of God Works

  • Inspirational Song of the Week: I Am I Am, Amy Bishop

Join us every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. at Studio 9, 1180 Houghton Road, Kelowna, BC. Doors open at 10:15 am. Please visit the event page for more details and a map. Everyone is welcome!

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Thursday, June 20th, 6:00-8:00 pm

Join in the fun! There’s still time to RSVP for the Meet & Greet for Revs. John and Cath DePalma, on Thursday, June 20th from 6:00-8:00 pm at Forbidden Spirits Distillery located at 4400 Wallace Hill Rd, in Southeast Kelowna.


Food and beverages will be available for purchase, including vegetarian options.


Rev. Barb & Neal will provide the musical entertainment. Come out and sing along! Gratitude offerings gratefully received.


There is no cost to attend, but please RSVP your attendance so Forbidden Spirits has some idea about how many people will be there.



With Rev. John DePalma


“I Want to Take You Higher!”


Ok, so referencing this song really dates me. Sly and the Family stone were a group categorized as “psychedelic soul” in the 1970’s. Unlike many of their “message” songs it is simply dedicated to music and the feeling one gets from music! (just listen to Stairway to Heaven again!)


That feeling of rising, filled with fire and enthusiasm can become unstoppable and take on an energy, a vibe, a life of its own. That’s the energy that creates a holy boldness, sacred audacity or whatever we want to call it.

It is the energy of the creative process in you and in me. And it’s always present whether we’re engaged or not.  Early on in my life, under my high school picture was a quote from Victorian era poet Robert Browning that says, “a man’s reach should exceed his grasp or what’s a heaven for?” Ever the idealist!


I chuckle to myself at the different things I tried to grasp, with them often quickly slipping through my fingers. I’m better now with years of practice and shifting my attention to the things I want to hold on to. But always the energy of an image of “heaven” drives me forward.


At the age of 92, just a year before he passed, Charles Fillmore is famously noted for saying” I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forth with a mighty faith to do the things to be done by me today!”


How can we create, maintain and remain “sizzling” in our desires to become who we are meant to be?


What are our stories, attachments, values and beliefs about desire and success?


“It is right that we should be successful, for otherwise Spirit is not expressed. The Divine cannot lack for anything, and we should not lack for anything that makes life worthwhile here on earth.” Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind (p. 262)


That’s what I’m interested in, that’s what I want to explore and teach. Join us this Sunday as we explore what’s behind the desire for successful living in every one of us and how it will transform this community!


- Rev. John DePalma


Join us this Sunday as Rev. John takes us higher!



The Board of Trustees meets next Sunday after service.  We regularly meet on the last Sunday of the month.  As the President of the Board of Trustees, I want to let you know what we're working on.  At times it might feel as though nothing is happening, and I thought it was important to let you all know what's going on in the background. 


This month, Rev. John is going to introduce us to the Care Circle model for meetings.  We're excited about the possibilities of experiencing this model of caring for each other and will be bringing it forward to all our groups within the Centre.  We're excited about the possibilities. 


We're going to look at our Evolutionary Purpose Statement, and the Values of our Centre, to ensure we have clarity around these Values, are all in agreement they are in alignment with who we are (consensus), and we can all commit to expressing and embodying these values in all that we do as a Board of Trustees.  This is the 3C or Consensus model of decision making we use for all Board of Trustees work.


We are excited to share that we have begun work on a new Operations Coordinator Job Description.  This will be a part time contract position.  Working on this has been a delight as Rev. John is encouraging us to put a bit of a different lens on the job description that highlights responsibility and accountability.  Both for us as a Board of Trustees, and whoever may be the successful applicant.  We anticipate the position will be posted soon, and we will look forward to reviewing applicants.  Stay tuned! 


Much Love and Many Blessings,

Rev. Jeanette Vinek

President Board of Trustees



Sunday, July 14: Rev. Bobbi Becker


From Seal Beach, California, Rev. Bobbi Becker will share an inspiring message on what Science of Mind has to offer the world.  She’ll also offer a workshop – Nurturing Our Inner Dialogue – in the afternoon, starting at 1:00 p.m.

The workshop introduces the concept of Affirmative Prayer and its significance in our spiritual tradition.  Explore the history of prayer across human culture, delve into the science of belief, and discuss how actively engaging in positive internal dialogue can reshape our brains, transforming our thinking, and ultimately change our lives.


More details to follow.


Friday, October 18th: Rev. John DePalma’s Installation Gala


The plans are still in the works but save the date and plan on being there.  Enjoy dinner, followed by a sacred ceremony, and then dance the night away with Sista B and the Boyz!


Last Week's Talk

You Are Free to Be You, That is Truer Than True!

With Rev. Melody Bailey

Last Sunday, Rev. Melody talked about being unstoppable as this Divine connection with Spirit helps us to realize who we truly are and are free to be. If you missed her talk, or want to hear it again, click here.



This New Thought Peace Prayer first appeared anonymously

in a French magazine in 1912.


New Thought Peace Prayer


One with the power of Divine peace,

I am the very presence of peace in my world.

My thoughts, words, and actions are in

harmony so that I project peace from the inside out.

I am clear that peace is not a smiley-face mask I wear but a calm, confident generosity of spirit released from within.

As day follows night, peaceful action flows

from my peace-filled mind.

I am the Power of Peace expressed in my thoughts.

Releasing thoughts that separate or denigrate,

I raise my consciousness to the Oneness.

I bring about peace through my thoughts.

I am the Power of Peace expressed in my words.

My words heal and harmonize, uplift and appreciate. Powerfully, peacefully, I speak to right wrongs

and improve conditions.

I bring about peace through my words.

I am the Power of Peace expressed in my actions.

Boldly, I walk a path of peace guided by inner wisdom.

All that I do fosters mutual blessings.

I bring about peace through my actions.

Peace is in the midst of me as I become the presence of peace in the midst of every circumstance.

May Peace be with all creatures great and small

May Peace be experienced by all creation

May Peace prevail everywhere


Special thanks to all our Volunteers who showed up early for training last Sunday. We couldn't do it without you





This is the fourth talk in our series on Ernest Holmes’ lectures, given by Holmes himself. Here he talks about how "How the power of God works."


Inspirational Song of the Week


Amy Bishop

Amy Bishop brings her unique blend of pop and soul to life, delivering a breathtaking performance that will leave you inspired and uplifted. With its infectious melodies, soaring hooks, and an undeniable message of strength and authenticity, "I AM I AM" is a true anthem for anyone who has ever felt lost or underestimated.





Fill out your membership here,



June 23: Rev. John DePalma

June 30: Rev. Barbara Samuel           


Regular Events at CSLK

See Upcoming Events on our home page. Stay informed of all the latest news from CSLK! Subscribe now to receive notifications of future blog posts.


Sunday Celebrations start at 10:30am PT at Studio 9, 1180 Houghton Road, Kelowna. Please park on the street or at Ben Lee Park (1.5 blocks from the school). You can also watch us live on Facebook or watch the replay later on YouTube.


Our volunteers are immensely valuable to CSLK! If you can help out with making coffee, setting up and/or after-service taking down, please contact Rev. Corinne Crockett at 250-868-9090 or email


Do you have an idea for CSLK community opportunities you’d like to experience? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Please contact Rev. Corinne Crockett at 250-868-9090 or email

Practitioner Support

Our ministers and practitioners are in service to all of us. If you need help to see the Truth in a situation; if you are looking for clarity; if you are struggling; our ministers and practitioners are here to support you. You can contact them through the About page on our website, or you can submit a prayer request on the Contact page.


Bring Nature’s Fare Receipts to CSLK!

Nature’s Fare grocery store receipts are worth a pretty penny to us! Bring your shopping receipts to Sunday service and place them into the receipt box on the table in front of the stage in the Studio 9 auditorium. Nature’s Fare will donate 3% of the total of your purchases to CSL Kelowna! Every receipt helps! Thank you!


Your Support Means So Much to Our Community!

We’re grateful for the ways CSL Kelowna is able to accept donations:

  1. Online via the Ways to Donate page of our website (PayPal or credit card).

  2. By Interac e-transfers sent to 

  3. Cheques can be mailed to: Suite 131, 101-1865 Dilworth Drive, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9T1.

For more information, please contact Rev. Melody Bailey.



"The best way to take care of the future is to take care of the present moment"

– Thich Nhat Hanh


Copyright © 2024, Centre for Spiritual Living Kelowna. All rights reserved.

Vol. 1, Issue 20

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