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Our Community 💗 June 12, 2024

Updated: Jun 12

What's Happening This Week at CSL Kelowna

  • Message from Rev. John DePalma – Spiritual Leader

  • Meet and Greet: June 20

  • June 16: You Are Free to Be You, That is Truer Than True! with Rev. Melody Bailey

  • Last Sunday’s Talk: Fired Up, with Rev. Jeanette Vinek

  • Pride Highlights

  • Holmes Lectures: How to Use the Science of Mind

  • Inspirational Song of the Week: God is Holding Me by Donna Michael

Join us every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. at Studio 9, 1180 Houghton Road, Kelowna, BC. Doors open at 10:15 am. Please visit the event page for more details and a map. Everyone is welcome!

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MESSAGE FROM REV. JOHN - Spiritual Director

Rev. Cath and I love to walk. Walkability was a big decision in deciding where to reside here in Kelowna; it was a great way to experience the diversity and culture in Seattle and now here in Kelowna. No matter what part of the Walk we’re on I traditionally will ask, “Are we there yet?”  And typically, Rev. Cath will respond with, “we’re half-way!” I’ll playfully respond, “That’s what you always say, and she’ll respond with “We’re always half-way to something!

That’s our spiritual practice that opens our hearts to a conversation that can go in countless directions! Have we moved in yet? Well, compared to what?  Are we settled in? Physically, mentally, emotionally? It depends on where our attention goes; it depends on a clear intention.

When I bring my attention to the intention of being part of an enthusiastic community, being fired up about being alive and making a positive difference in the world, I get excited. This community has been extraordinary in making Cath and I feel at home. That’s not a destination, but always part of  relishing the journey; to become enthusiastic and fired up about who we are so that we can welcome each person that we meet and find a way to make them enthusiastic and fired up about who they are!

I just completed my Integral Ministry Program- a yearlong class of 40 - 2-hour sessions over the last 14 months. There’s so much that I’m ready to share and yet I know – we’ve gotta go slow in order to go fast. We’re here to dive deep into “how we want to be with each other”.

That takes clarity, commitment and focus; but most importantly Why?

 To be guided by a community purpose that transforms lives and inspires people to make a positive difference in the world. That’s the “why?” That purpose is driven by values like extraordinary respect, compassion, safety and accountability.

We may think that we know what those mean so I challenge you to consider how do you know? Give it some thought.  If you know because you can describe how those values inform your behavior, then yes … you know.

Yet how they influence “how we are with each other” can be a challenge. When someone gets all fired up about an idea they may have for the community (because we’re all enthusiastic and fired up!) and proceeds to tell the volunteers, staff or ministers what they should be doing, does that align with those values? Think about that…is it respectful, compassionate, safe? And who’s supposed to do what? 

When you have a good idea bring it to me and let’s have a conversation about how you can bring it to the community to transform lives and inspire people to make a positive difference. If this community is to thrive it requires each person to find that passion and bring it to the community in a way that aligns with that purpose to inspire people and make a positive difference. If we can’t do that, why do it at all?

And here’s the great news. We’re already moving in that direction! During our move Dr Deb and Dr Kenn Gordon invited us to share a meal in their home. The timing was perfect! Rev. Nadene Rodgers invited us to an evening in her home… the ride through West Kelowna was exquisite! Rev. Corinne and Rev. Jeanette have constantly reached out during our transition providing us with constant conversation or assistance anytime we asked. Each time I’ve been in the sanctuary the loving-kindness showered on us has been so inspiring!

Friday Drs. Kenn and Deb took us on a Tour of Kelowna, we started at Knox Mountain, Kenn said, so that we could, “get the lay of the land”. And we went to Upper Mission to get the view looking north. In the in-between Kenn and Deb gave us a geographical, historical and cultural “lay of the land”. Sweet! What struck me most though was to feel the deep emotional connection they have with not only Kelowna, but this place.

I’ve known them for years as my spiritual leaders yet never saw how precious this spiritual community is to them. It was truly heart-warming, thank you! This experience of the in between deepened my gratitude and appreciation for all the good work that came before me and the opportunities unfolding for this brilliant community.

There’s a saying that, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

We don’t need to “buckle up” rather slow down so we can learn to be at our best with each other, even when we’re “only” half-way there!



Thursday, June 20th

Meet and Greet

JOIN IN THE FUN! You don’t want to miss the Meet & Greet for Revs. John and Cath DePalma on Thursday, June 20th from 6:00-8:00 pm at Forbidden Spirits Distillery, located at 4400 Wallace Hills Rd, in South East Kelowna.

Food and beverages will be available for purchase. Rev. Barb & Neal will provide the musical entertainment so come out and sing along!


There is no cost to attend, but please RSVP your attendance so Forbidden Spirits has some idea about how many people will be there.

Come and meet Revs. John and Cath DePalma,

pictured here at last Sunday's service with their son, Joseph.

Below: Map showing how to find Forbidden Spirits.


Sunday, June 16, 2024

You Are Free to Be You, That is Truer Than True!

With Rev. Melody Bailey

We have been on a holy roller coaster this month with the theme of Holy Boldness; and last week, Rev. Jeanette shared how this shows up as passion or a fire in the belly. Something that moves us and shakes us.


This Sunday, Rev. Melody talks about being unstoppable as this Divine connection with Spirit helps us to realize who we truly are and are free to be. As Ernest Holmes states in the SOM:


“The only reason a person is limited is that they have not allowed the Divine within them to more completely express.”


Last Week's Talk


With Rev. Jeanette Vinek

“Not only must we have complete faith in Spirit, and Its ability to know and to do, but we must have complete confidence in our approach to It. We must not be lukewarm in our conviction. We must know that we know.”


- Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind (p. 159)


Have you ever been on fire about something and NOTHING could convince you otherwise? Where did that fire come from? As you reflect on it now, can you feel the fire and passion welling back up? Holy boldness is the fire in your soul that propels you to action. It ignites the flame within, keeps it stoked, and confirms that anything is possible in God.


Meet Stephanie Martens

New to our Greeter Team!



Kelowna Pride Festival

Saturday, June 15 - 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

The turnout was incredible at the Pride Festival in downtown Kelowna on Saturday, June 8th.  It was a beautiful day and we were so happy to have such beautiful volunteers.


Thank you to all volunteers who helped us prepare for Pride and for the many who showed up to man our booth. We are so grateful and couldn’t do it without you.





This is the second talk in our series on Ernest Holmes’ lectures, given by Holmes himself. Here he talks about how "Your Life Is All Up to You."


Inspirational Song of the Week


Donna Michael

Donna's music has been described as a "heavenly escape," "food for the soul," and "wondrously healing." With its spirit of hope, faith, grace and possibility, it has touched the hearts and lives of those in churches, wellness centers, hospitals and various settings for the healing arts (including yoga, massage and Tai Chi) and often serves as the focal point for creativity and motivational seminars, workshops and corporate conferences.




Fill out your membership here,



June 16: Rev Melody Bailey

June 23: Rev. John DePalma

June 30: Rev. Barbara Samuel           


Regular Events at CSLK

See Upcoming Events on our home page. Stay informed of all the latest news from CSLK! Subscribe now to receive notifications of future blog posts.


Sunday Celebrations start at 10:30am PT at Studio 9, 1180 Houghton Road, Kelowna. Please park on the street or at Ben Lee Park (1.5 blocks from the school). You can also watch us live on Facebook or watch the replay later on YouTube.


Our volunteers are immensely valuable to CSLK! If you can help out with making coffee, setting up and/or after-service taking down, please contact Rev. Corinne Crockett at 250-868-9090 or email


Do you have an idea for CSLK community opportunities you’d like to experience? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Please contact Rev. Corinne Crockett at 250-868-9090 or email

Practitioner Support

Our ministers and practitioners are in service to all of us. If you need help to see the Truth in a situation; if you are looking for clarity; if you are struggling; our ministers and practitioners are here to support you. You can contact them through the About page on our website, or you can submit a prayer request on the Contact page.


Bring Nature’s Fare Receipts to CSLK!

Nature’s Fare grocery store receipts are worth a pretty penny to us! Bring your shopping receipts to Sunday service and place them into the receipt box on the table in front of the stage in the Studio 9 auditorium. Nature’s Fare will donate 3% of the total of your purchases to CSL Kelowna! Every receipt helps! Thank you!


Your Support Means So Much to Our Community!

We’re grateful for the ways CSL Kelowna is able to accept donations:

  1. Online via the Ways to Donate page of our website (PayPal or credit card).

  2. By Interac e-transfers sent to 

  3. Cheques can be mailed to: Suite 131, 101-1865 Dilworth Drive, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9T1.

For more information, please contact Rev. Melody Bailey.



"The best way to take care of the future is to take care of the present moment"

– Thich Nhat Hanh


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Vol. 1, Issue 19

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