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It’s Alright and All Right!


It’s Alright and All Right!

— Rev. Barbara Samuel and Neal Klassen


“The principle of any science is invisible, theoretical, as is our idea of Spirit. No one has seen God; no one has seen Life; what we have seen is the manifestation of Life. No one has seen Intelligence; we experience it. No one has ever seen Causation; we can see what It does, we deal with Its effects. We do not see Beauty. The artist feels beauty and depicts it as best he can, and the result of his effort is what we call the beautiful… We do not see Life, we experience living. Causation is invisible.

Ernest Holmes

As we embark on our next great adventure and journey in community, we are surrounded by the sense and knowing that it’s alright and all right! Let’s go on a little adventure of life together with Rev. Barbara Samuel and Neal Klassen!

Join Rev. Barb and Neal on March 27th at 10:30am PT for our livestream service on Facebook Live, YouTube or the home page of our website.

Tune in early at 10:20am to hear the music of New Thought musician, Jesse Powers.


This Week’s Science of Mind Theme

So Happy Together

A life of play and rest is important for our health. Play helps us to build relationships filled with joy and meaning. What if our whole community embraced the idea of playing together as a key component of healthy living?

The first step toward a life of play, fun and joy with others is to open up to the willingness to BE with others in a playful way. It’s not always easy to allow ourselves to be seen in the vulnerable light that inherently comes with play. It involves overcoming the fear of taking off the mask of public acceptability and appropriateness and allowing your inner child out to romp around.

Accepting invitations for play is an essential step. When someone is willing to leave their comfort zone and invite you into their world, connect with your own sense of joy and wonder and say yes!

Loosening up in front of people, being our authentic, silly, joyful selves gives people a glimpse into our hearts. Explore the ways in which you can share a life of play with your loved ones! Find a partner to dance with, play an inclusive board game. Carry this energy into the entire community. Let play be the gateway into deeper relationships!


Releasing Ceremony

We will have a farewell and Releasing Ceremony conducted by Dr. Nadene Rogers this Saturday, March 26th at 10:30am at the Peace Centre. Dr. Nadene is creating a special ceremony for us as a group to facilitate our conscious closure of the Peace Centre. She’ll create a special opportunity for us to say a tender and heartfelt thank you and goodbye to our building. We’d love to see you there. Conscious endings create a beautiful fresh energy for wonderful new beginnings of our next greater yet-to-be. We hope you can join us.



Our virtual Annual General Meeting will be held this Sunday, March 27th at 1pm on Zoom. It is an exciting time at CSL Kelowna and we hope you will join us to hear all the highlights. Apply for membership before 5pm PT on March 26th so you can cast your vote at the AGM.


Become a Member by 5pm on March 26th to Vote!

Join us in our shared purpose of Awakening Humanity to its Spiritual Magnificence by becoming a member of the CSL Kelowna community in 2022! Sign up by 5pm PT on March 26th, 2022 to vote at our AGM on March 27th. Please complete the application form on the Membership page of the website.


In-Person Easter Sunday Service

Join us at the Rotary Centre for the Arts for another uplifting and inspiring in-person service on April 17th (Easter Sunday). Rev. Barbara Samuel will have her full band, Sista B and the Boyz.

We have a special service planned to celebrate the season of renewal.

Please RSVP. The service will also be livestreamed on Facebook Live, YouTube and the home page of our website.



There is an easy way for you to help CSL Kelowna raise funds. Save your Nature’s Fare receipts and bring them to the in-person service on April 17th. Nature’s Fare will donate 3% of the total of your purchases to CSL Kelowna.


Practitioner Support

Our ministers and practitioners are in service to all of us. If you need help to see the Truth in a situation; if you are looking for clarity; if you are struggling in this challenging time; our ministers and practitioners are here to support you. You can contact them through the About page on our website, or you can submit a prayer request on the Contact page.


Our Shared Values: Financial Health and Prosperity

FINANCIAL HEALTH and PROSPERITY is a value we share in the Science of Mind philosophy.


Inspiring Words During the Week

Connect with us through our daily posts on CSLK’s Facebook page! Here are a few of the messages we shared this week. Click on any image or go to the entire Things to Remember album. We invite you to ‘like’, comment and share any post that resonates!


Regular Events at CSLK

See more details and dates under Upcoming Events on our home page.


After-service Community Chat is every second and fourth Sunday of the month. Join Laura Green and other members of our CSLK community for a friendly catch-up chat after our Sunday Celebration. Our next Community Chat is on March 27th. Everyone is welcome!

Passcode: love


Coffee and Connection is every other Thursday with Dr. Deborah Gordon, Rev. Barbara Samuel and friends. The next online gathering is on April 7th at 10am. Everyone is welcome to this time of casual connection.

Passcode: love


Our Sunday Celebrations are at 10:30am. You can view the livestream on Facebook Live, YouTube or the home page of our website.


Pre-service Meditation and our children's VIBE program are currently on hiatus and are being reimagined.


We are so Grateful for your Support!

We’re thankful for the many ways we are able to accept donations:

  1. Online via the Ways to Donate page of our website (PayPal or credit card).

  2. By Interac e-transfers sent to

  3. By CAFT automatic transfers directly from the bank.

  4. Cheques can be mailed to: Suite 131, 101-1865 Dilworth Drive, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9T1.

For more information, please contact Derek Hinchliffe.



We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything than when we are playing.

Charles Schaefer


Copyright © 2022, Centre for Spiritual Living Kelowna. All rights reserved.

Vol. 31, Issue 13 | Editor: Annie Zalezsak

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Mark Clouse
Sep 13, 2022

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