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Happy Monday, September 19, 2022

As I sat down to write this Happy Monday message to you, I realized I was hearing a strange hum in my house. It took me a little bit to recognize it as the hum of my furnace, which has come on automatically! I realize that many of you who read this are in different locations around the world, and that maybe not all of you are moving into a time of cooler weather that comes along with the fall; but I thought it was interesting that the hum of the furnace kind of caught me off guard. It harked me back into greater awareness of the impending arrival of cooler temperatures, and what I’ve learned is that paying attention and keeping our awareness level highly attuned is always a good thing.

Along with being attuned to things around me, I’ve just voted in our greater organization’s special resolution to change the leadership structure within our beloved Centers for Spiritual Living’s Organizational Design Model. This O.D.M. as it’s referred to, is the living document that sets the structure and design for the operations of our organization. I love that we belong to a democratic association where major changes to the structure of how things are run must come through agreement with the field of affiliated Centres, rather than just the leadership alone. I also love that this document, the Organizational Design Model, is designed to be organically responsive to changes in the world and in our culture.

One of the discussions that arose out of the Special Meeting discussing the proposed changes was the need to remain conscious and responsive to changing tides, and to be flexible with what shows up as reflections of these times. (In a nutshell, the proposal was to remove the position of Field Leader from the Leadership structure as it’s now thought to be somewhat redundant in light of the current times). Our current Spiritual Leader, Dr. Edward Viljoen also used this opportunity to point to the next topic that he feels will require attention and perhaps refreshment, which is attention to the shared values under which the affiliated groups operate. I love the idea of constant awareness and re-evaluation, most especially during these changing times.

For me, this points to the constant evolution of consciousness and of humanity. I also see these responsive changes leading to a desired future of an organization that works for all, and to recognize that adjustment is an important and constant piece of the evolutionary process. I really see having and keeping an awareness of our values front and centre as so important both for an organization and for us personally as our values are so important in establishing our direction. This is true for C.S.L. and it’s also very true for our own beloved Centre for Spiritual Living Kelowna as this community moves into a time of deep change and forward evolution as my retirement looms ever closer. What a wonderful opportunity to remind all of us as to why our community exists now and what our hopes are for its future. I believe our shared values of oneness, inclusivity, love and harmony, are what will help propel us to grow and to evolve as an organization. I also am very aware that connection, communication and engagement will be ever more important as we move through these upcoming changing times. Thank GODness, for a teaching that supports and encourages change as for sure, as “they” say, the one constant we can all count on, is change!

With love,



If you missed yesterday’s service, titled Spirituality at Work, you can watch the replay and other past services on the CSLK YouTube channel.



The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

Alan Watts


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