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Happy Monday, October 9, 2023

Wow! That was powerful! Our Sacred Covenant revealed.

As we continue this journey of calling in our new Senior Minister, I'm delighted to share that our beloved community has completed 4 days of the co-creation process. The entire process was facilitated by Spirit, and led by the Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn. In her talk on Sunday, October 1, she revealed our Sacred Covenant. It was powerful.

You see, this Sacred Covenant is the result of 4 days of the Co-Creation process, and is a combined and agreed-upon statement of the experience we desire in our new minister.

We began this process on Thursday, September 28, when we participated in a Community Co-Creation process. It was a magical evening, full of love and light, connection and community. I was awed at the engagement, commitment and dedication of our members. For all of you who attended that session, I love you, I bless you, and I am grateful for you. That Thursday evening ignited the whole process.

Taking all of the wisdom that was gleaned from the session Thursday, our group of 12 (Co-Creation Committee), entered into a 2-day process of mindfully, prayerfully,, and wholeheartedly, creating our Sacred Covenant. It was the most beautiful, Spirit-led, sacred and profound work I have ever been a part of.

Everything we did was Spirit-led, guided, directed and supported. Every piece of the covenant was created through consensus. There were times we weren’t certain we would find our way through; and then we would pray. We would pray to get our humanness out of the way and let Spirit shine through us.

It wasn’t always easy, and we gave ourselves permission to freely talk through the niggles, the uncertainty, that feeling that something wasn’t sitting quite right. We were patient and gentle and kind with each other. We listened. We didn’t rush. We opened our hearts and minds, calling in Spirit, and allowing Spirit to work in, as, and through us.

There was a unity that bound us all together. One mind, one heart, one Spirit, one voice, one LOVE.

At our Sunday service, Dr. Kathy revealed the Sacred Covenant to our community. She shared that we cannot call in something that we are not; we must become that which we are desiring. To facilitate that process, she shared the Sacred Covenant prayer. The intention of this prayer is for us to begin to embody that which we desire in our new minister. It's meant to be read out loud with feeling, creating the mental equivalent for what we desire.

You see, this sets in motion the whole creative process. The minister we desire is just waiting for this covenant. It is beautiful.

As your new minister selection committee completes the final work on our community profile and sends it out to the field, we ask you to work with the Sacred Covenant. Print it off and place it somewhere you will see it every day. Take time each day to read it out loud and feel it.

It's all in motion, and I can't wait to see what it brings.

Much love and many blessings,

Rev. Jeanette Vinek

President, CSL Kelowna Board of Trustees


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