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Happy Monday, October 26, 2020

This week’s message from Dr. Deborah

I’m looking out my window and the snow is softly falling onto the huge dump of snow we got this weekend. How quickly the season changed. It seems here in the Okanagan, we went swiftly and directly from summer to winter.

I guess that’s sometimes how change happens: “in the blink of an eye”. However, at other times it happens very s-l-o-w-l-y. My difficulty with our current world situation (the pandemic and all), is that I can’t quite figure out which way it’s going. In one way, our whole lives literally changed in less than a week in mid-March when much of our world was pretty much shut down. In another way (the way we’re living now), we have no idea when the change will be complete or how it will all play out.

For me, it’s the uncertainty of not knowing, of not being able to plan anything with 100% surety that it’ll definitely happen. It’s beginning to wear on me. I can honestly say that I am pining for the way it used to be!

One of the tools I use to support myself when I’m feeling less than optimistic, is to go to the “sacred scripture” of the Science of Mind textbook written by Dr. Ernest Holmes. I look for his inspiration when my own feels somewhat waning, and that clever Ernest never fails me.

There’s a section in the back of the book called Meditations for Self-Help. Here’s what I found this morning.

The Things that Are

“The things that are, were and evermore shall be.

Time, chance and change begone from my thought!

The Changeless is here to stay, and the Timeless cannot cease from Being.

The things that are shall remain, though heaven and earth should pass away.

I rest secure and safe within the Life of Endless Perfection and Completion.

My whole Being responds to the Realization of the Complete Whole.

I am that which Is.”

Thank you, Ernest!

Just a couple of quick housekeeping notes to you all…

Our meditation will not be happening this Sunday, for one Sunday only. Log into Zoom for the next meditation on November 8, 2020 at 9:45 am.

If you aren’t getting the email alerts that contain a link to our blog posts every Monday and Friday (and they’re not in your junk folder, either), you can subscribe for this service on the contact page of our website.

Peace and Happy Halloween blessings,

Dr. Deborah

PS: If you missed yesterday’s Sunday Celebration talk titled Unmasking the Trick of Treatment, you can watch it on our YouTube channel.



“Stop trying, stop struggling; begin to be calm, to trust in the higher laws of life; even though you do not see them, they are still there.”

— Ernest Holmes


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