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Happy Monday, October 12, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving Monday!

I lived a week of being immersed in conscious Thanksgiving, starting last week with my Happy Monday and leading right up to today… and I’m going to keep it as a practice. Many of you know, I have been doing this through my gratitude journal, which I’ve kept for about 25 years. However, as with all things, there’s an additional goodness that comes with bringing our “attitude of gratitude” to the very forefront of our attention and imbuing it with extra awareness.

I’m aware of a call right now to give thanks for all aspects of our lives. It can feel very challenging to give thanks for some of what we’re seeing out there, what we don’t appreciate, and for what doesn’t feel all that life-giving; but through it all, our faith affirms that goodness is the truth about all things.

One thing that is easy and feels very life giving, is for me to give all of you an acknowledgment of thanks!

I’m so grateful for all of you, and I know we’re going through uncertain times at best, and we’re really not sure what the outcome is going to be; but my heart is full to the brim when I bring “who we are” to my mind.

I am grateful we’re able to continue to share our Science of Mind message with a growing global community, and at the same time, keep the sense of our own essence of spiritual family front and centre. It’s proof positive that it’s not about any one individual or activity, it’s about community – us together.

I’m also grateful to each of you who hold us all in positive prayer and spiritual mind treatment, so we continue to be a mighty attractive force for good.

Each of you are a blessing, and so please accept a great big thank you and a blessing back from me!

If you missed our remote Thanksgiving service yesterday (on location from Kaleden, BC), you can watch the recording on Facebook and later this week on YouTube. My apologies for the little internet instability during my portion. The rest is super great! Thanks, team!

And now for some shameless family self-promotion on behalf of someone I’m very thankful for – my writer/actor son Mack. Many of you have asked to be kept in the loop on his performances. Well, in the spirit of the times, he has a new Zoom virtual audio drama done live each show. Mack wrote this adaptation of Orson Wells’ War of the Worlds. Mack is also the acting voice of several of the characters. This is a great form of entertainment for those of us staying close to home these days. The tickets and all information are available on his website:

Blessings of gratitude,

Dr. Deborah

PS: Just a reminder that you can find yesterday’s talk titled The Blessings of Gratitude with the Sunday Six on Facebook, or you can watch it later this week on our YouTube channel.



Thanksgiving just gets me all warm and tingly and all kinds of wonderful inside.

— Willard Scott


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