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Happy Monday, November 9, 2020

This week’s message from Dr. Deborah

Happy beautiful Monday morning! One of the reasons I love sitting down on Monday morning to write my Happy Monday blog, is that it forces me to bring my attention to my here-and-now world. The first thing I do is sit down at my computer, open a fresh new page — a literal and virtual blank slate — and then I look out my window to bring me present and conscious to my greater world. Typically, at that moment, I report to you what I’m seeing. It’s often about the state of the weather, which right now is sunny and beautiful!

I love that I’ve created this experience of being aware. Then, the challenge comes. In hopes of bringing something of value to you, even if it’s maybe just something that will encourage you stop for a moment out of your day to bring yourself to awareness; maybe even just a glimpse of present-moment awareness and consciousness to look out your own window, at your own awareness of your life in this moment.

We’ve gone through quite a week, having our closest-country neighbour (one that I’d say has the most direct affect on our lives) going through an election that took three-and-a-half days to come to a more or less definitive result. I don’t know about you, but I had the TV on in the background tuned to a news station for most of that time. I didn’t want to miss when they finally had a result.

Trying to practice the art of awareness, I asked myself “why”. The reasons were long and many. One of the most interesting to me, was that I found the uncertainty of “not knowing” to be very uncomfortable. I was reminded of the phrase: “enquiring minds want to know!” It’s my opinion that this may be true for many of us, and one thing the world has handed us lately is a world full of so much uncertainty. I think we’re (I’m) suffering the loss of being able to count on a whole lot in our outer world right now (so, a part of me is delighted that the election has been decided).

But what about all the other things we’re still uncertain of? I don’t need to list them; I’m pretty sure you’re all very aware of them.

Well, our teaching, the Science of Mind, encourages us to go to the one place that is always certain — our inner life of Spirit — of Life itself moving through us.

Ernest Holmes stated: “The highest mental practice is to listen to this Inner Voice and to declare Its Presence.” My hunch is that most of you know this, and maybe the Divine nudge for today is to practice it just a little bit more, and to bring it even more into our awareness.

One more thing: if you are someone who’s feeling ‘loss’ of any and all kinds, and would love some community support in going through it, make sure to consider attending our upcoming Grief Support Group. This is being offered by a team (Pauline Weninger RScP, Rev. Diane Hockey and Rev. Melody Bailey) who have both Science of Mind and hospice experience in dealing with grief. It’s sure to be a great opportunity to feel all of our feelings and bring awareness to our healing.

Blessings to all,

Dr. Deborah

PS: If you missed yesterday’s Sunday Celebration talk with Neal Klassen titled Here There Be Monsters, you can watch it on our YouTube channel.



“Live the actual moment. Only this actual moment is life.”

— Thích Nhất Hạnh


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Nov 11, 2020

Great article

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