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Happy Monday, May 30, 2022

Whoosh! Another Monday is here and another weekend has passed.

This weekend was a super busy one for me! I was the instructor along with Dr. Kenn for our ministerial class on Spiritual Leadership. Thanks to the pandemic, these classes have turned into Zoom bum-a-thons! Classes run on Zoom Friday night 5pm to 8pm and all day Saturday from 9am to 5pm. God bless this group of students who never expected that their training would run through a time of lockdown and require taking pretty much all of their classes on Zoom. God bless that technology that has allowed us to continue teaching through these times. Goodness knows (at least in my humble opinion) we need more people willing to take this powerful, love-filled teaching to a world that appears to be demonstrating a measure of hurt and pain.

Then on Sunday, of course, we had our service. What a wonderful Soul Food Sunday we had with Rev. Barb Samuel along with Neal Klassen, her partner in all things. The energy in our temporary classroom space feels so aligned with Spirit. It’s such a beautiful thing!

After service, I headed home to attend a four-hour Board meeting. With all the changes of late, our beautiful Board has had to put in extra time. I am so appreciative of their willingness to serve our Centre in some above-and-beyond ways. If you have the chance, you might want to extend some gratitude to them.

One of our Board members, Annie Zalezsak, has decided to step away from the Board as she takes on her dream job with Interior Health. Annie has been responsible for our communications and marketing for some time now. She is our webmistress extraordinaire with all that goes into that; plus she has been taking care of our social media as well as supporting some of our technical aspects on Sunday mornings. I want to extend my extreme gratitude to her for her service on our Board. I’m grateful that for now she’s willing to continue to maintain our website and editing and posting this Happy Monday as well as our Friday blog post for our community.

Thank you, Annie Zed!!!

I’m delighted to also let you know that our Board has appointed Blair Wilson to serve on our Board of Trustees. Blair comes with a mountain of experience in business, including being the owner of Forbidden Spirits Distillery, and in various other areas including having served our Federal Government as a Member of Parliament. We are so blessed by his “yes”!

Thanks Blair.

And so, there’s been a lot going on. I’m excited that Kenn and I are taking a short little get away – we head out this weekend for a one-week cruise to Alaska. I was reading an article on toxic productivity which basically said that all work with no play doesn’t end well! In fact, the American Psychological Association stated that taking breaks actually makes you more productive and increases job and life satisfaction!

So I’m taking a week to re-fill my bucket. I go, knowing all is well here with our staff of wonderful ministers holding the space for everyone. You’ll have the joy of hearing Rev. Corinne Crockett speak on June 5th and the President of our Board, Rev. Jeanette Vinek on June 12th. They’d love to see you either in person at Studio 9 or as always, on Facebook Live.

They will also be filling in for the next two Happy Mondays. I know you’ll enjoy their blog posts. My thanks to both of them.

Bon Voyage,

Dr. Deborah


If you missed yesterday’s Soul Food Sunday talk by Rev. Barbara Samuel titled Matters of the Heart, you can watch the replay on Facebook and other past services on the CSLK YouTube channel.



Find what brings you joy and go there.

Jan Phillips


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