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Happy Monday, May 16, 2022

I’m writing this particular edition of Happy Monday in advance (actually on Thursday, May 12th) as Kenn, myself and my family are heading to Langley, BC to attend a memorial service for Kenn’s aunt and uncle on Sunday.

Some of you “old-timers” might remember Kenn’s aunt Hazel. She was his mom’s twin sister and they were as close as sisters ever come. In fact, they married men who were two best friends. Even though one couple lived in Kelowna and the other in Vancouver, family visits were full and frequent. Hazel and her husband Doug had a long and close relationship. Perhaps that was indicated by the fact that they made their transitions within a couple of months of each other. That happened during Covid, and so the memorial was postponed until this close family could be together in person to celebrate their lives. I’m grateful to be able to attend.

I’ll also be celebrating a birthday this week on May 18th. These birthdays seem to roll around ever more quickly as time goes by. Isn’t that what they say — for a child, waiting a day for something seems like forever; then as we move on in age, the weeks and months just fly by.

My birthday is always a time of reflection for me, looking back over the span of my lifetime at what I feel I’ve shared, how I’ve served, the wins and the not-so-wins at my Centre, with my family and most importantly, within my own being. As I creep up closer to my retirement, this all becomes particularly more poignant and somewhat emotional and even, wistful. There’s a few things I’d change, a few decisions I wish I’d made differently, but for the most part, I feel so grateful and so very, very blessed.

Even at this somewhat later stage of life, I’m still learning. One thing that’s come to me lately is that there isn’t a right way to do life. There is really only our way. To discover that way requires us to listen to ourselves, and to listen to both our hearts and minds. (This is me reminding myself that both of these instruments of knowing — our hearts and our minds — are equally as informative to our wellbeing.) Having been a mind-led person for most of my life, I’ve found myself leaning more and more to my heart wisdom, the wisdom and knowing that goes beyond words, and beyond the intellect. And because (up till now) that hasn’t been my main go-to for information, I find sometimes I have to lean in hard to catch the tone of feelings and senses beyond logic. I’m learning to be better at being still and to listen.

Now, does that feel different? Yes! Does it feel easy? No!

Have you had a tendency to live life a certain way? Are you sticking with what’s familiar? Well, maybe there’s something new just wanting you to lean into it and give it a try. I say go for it!


Dr. Deborah


If you missed yesterday’s talk by Neal Klassen titled Fear, Frustration and Chicken Feathers, you can watch it and other past services on the CSLK YouTube channel.



Time flies when you're changing the world.

Craig Kielburger


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