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Happy Monday, May 15, 2023

It’s wonderful to be back with my ‘peeps’ after our vacation. We had a wonderful and restful time while away and I even fulfilled my deep desire to go parasailing.

It was magnificent! Tears of awe and joy rolled down my cheeks as I took in the beauty and felt the freedom as I sailed over the ocean and into the sky. It was my birthday present to myself and I’m grateful.

As much as I loved our holiday, I surely noticed how much I missed being with my beloved ‘peeps’. Returning home to the people of our Centre felt so good and I’m newly inspired. I’m very grateful to those who stepped up and in during my absence.

Yesterday we celebrated Mother’s Day and the Divine Feminine at our Sunday service. Inherent in the Sacred Feminine are the qualities of unconditional love, acceptance, nurturance, compassion and welcome. We, as a Spiritual Centre, excel in embodying these qualities. Our Spiritual Centre and our greater organization of CSL values diversity in all its expressions.

Holding values is important, but acting on them is what’s really required. We believe in actively participating in a world that works for all. We walk our talk.

Near and dear to my heart, and the heart of our Centre, is Pride, celebrating and supporting our LGBTQ+ Community. I’m delighted we’re going to be present at the Pride Festival on June 10 at City Park in Kelowna.

There’s an old joke that trying to organize religious scientists is like herding cats, but I’m finding that’s not true for the people of CSL Kelowna. I am deeply touched, but not surprised, by the quick willingness of people of our congregation to step forward in service to both prepare items to give-away at our Pride booth, and to be present on the day.

We’ll be holding a Pride Work Bee this coming Wednesday, May 17 from 5:30pm to 9pm at Studio 9. It truly is a great excuse to get together, have an appetizer-style potluck, and prepare items for us to gift people at Pride. This will be a fun evening of connection and creativity. No skill level required.

If you’re able to come for some or all of our time, you’re welcome. Bring along your favourite appetizer for sharing.

This is also an invitation for people to be present at our table and represent our Centre on June 10 during the Pride Festival. There’s a sign-up sheet at Sunday service, or you can call me if you’d love to serve. It’s also a wonderful time to connect.

Many hands make light work, and I know we’re going to have so much fun both getting ready for and celebrating Pride.

Please contact me, Rev. Corinne, if you’d like to participate in any way. We’d love to see you at our play night this Wednesday. Pizza may be involved! or 250-868-9090.


Rev. Corinne


If you missed yesterday’s service titled Unlearning Fear of Darkness, you can watch the replay and other past services on the CSLK YouTube channel.


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