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Happy Monday, March 20, 2023

Authentic love leads us into the unknown.

“We do well to listen to this Inner Voice for it tells us of a life wonderful in scope; of a love beyond our fondest dreams; of a freedom of which the soul craves.”

— Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind, pg 26

I was a big Beatles fan as a child. I still remember my father bringing home the freshly pressed copy of Sgt. Pepper and going over the lyrics with him each night as part of my reading studies.

Shortly after that release, the Beatles put out Yellow Submarine which included the song “All You Need is Love”.

That became my mantra as a young person, later to be replaced as a rebellious teen with “Love is the answer” as John Lennon transitioned to his solo career.

I’m sharing this because my exploration of love in all its forms has been a lifelong quest.

It wasn’t until reading Ernest Holmes that I really got an understanding of how love and law (principle) work in tandem to create the life that we dream of living. Holmes wrote: “as the Love of God is perfect, so the Law of God is also perfect. We must learn to understand both.”

In recent weeks, I’ve been in the deep practice of what I would call “applied loving”. When I was a new parent I fumbled around with this, aware that it was the foundation from which all good lives emerged. And yet, I was still learning so much about love and life that my attempts were often interrupted by ego-driven expectations either from myself, or for my daughter. Thankfully, she’s recovered.

This latest experience arriving in my later years has been more of a dance with mystery.

With no true idea of what to expect, all I could do was trust. I set my sights on love, and to the best of my ability allowed every action to flow from that place.

What I learned was that I had far deeper resources of love than I ever imagined. I learned that love alone opened up the pathway for me to hear what I needed to hear, which led me into confidence with the next right step.

I also learned that love is wide and deep, and it’s as important to give love as it is to receive it. Only with an open heart can we feel the full depth and breadth of what is possible.

Our world needs more love. It needs fearless loving. This kind of love cannot be abused, cannot be sullied, cannot be trod upon, because it is infused with that spiritual essence that is unmistakeable.

It’s hard to trust enough to love fully. So take baby steps. Each day, take one baby step towards the open heart. Like a new bud of spring ready to burst open, or the chick sitting inside the egg preparing to peck its way out, take the time to rest between your love-bursts. Tomorrow is another day.

Happy spring!

Rev. Karin


If you missed yesterday’s Sunday Celebration titled Coke versus Pepsi: the Truth about Truth, you can watch the replay and other past services on the CSLK YouTube channel.


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