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Happy Monday, June 29, 2020

This week's message from Dr. Deborah

Happy Beautiful Monday Everyone,

Can you believe it’s the end of June? My oh my, where does the time go?

Well this week, I want to change it up… seems like I’ve been doing all the sharing in these Happy Mondays “mini-reach outs” and now I’d love to turn this into a two way conversation – so it’s your turn! 

Firstly: I’d personally love for each of you to share how you’re doing with me… and you don’t have to put on your “rose-coloured glasses.” I want to know the real deal. I’d love to know how you and yours are doing, what you’ve been doing to keep on keeping on. I’m also open to any and all feedback about ANYTHING that might be on your mind or heart… And I do mean ANYTHING! My personal email is

Secondly: Here are a few other things I’m wondering about in general (and at this point, I’m just curious as to the general temperature out there).

  • I’d love to hear if you’ve been watching us live on Facebook or afterwards on YouTube and your thoughts on that. Have you been able to find us easily, or are you “not a Facebook person”? Have you figured out how to locate us on YouTube? Have you had challenges with this?  I’d love to know if you’re doing ok with us meeting virtually or if you’re "jonesing" for us to get back physically together (knowing we’re going to continue to abide by the “Dr. Bonnie Henry” guidelines!) That said, it doesn’t look like we’ll be back physically until the fall at the earliest.

  • How important is it to you that our services are live and as interactive, and as close to our “regular Sunday services” as they can be (as opposed to pre-recorded or)? Do you have any general thoughts or suggestions about our virtual Sunday Services? Are they of value to you?

  • What would you think of the idea of our Virtual Facebook Live Sunday Service starting earlier over the summer? (Say at 9 am instead of 10:30 am, knowing you can always watch it later or at whatever time you choose?)

  • Are you enjoying our newsletter and Happy Mondays? Do you take the time to read them and are they helpful in keeping you in the loop of what’s going on? (And if the truth is that you don’t, I’m ok with hearing that too!) Is twice a week communication on email too much?

  • Have you participated in our pre-Sunday service Zoom meditation? Any feedback?

  • Do you plan on attending our new Community Conversations which start Wednesday, July 8th at 7 pm on Zoom? Any additional thoughts or comments on that?

  • Would you be interested in an unstructured Zoom coffee chat time? Morning or evening?

  • Would you be interested in an online Science of Mind class? What would be your preferred length? 3, 5, 8, 10 weeks? Topic ideas? How about an online workshop?

  • And finally, is there anything else you’d like for me to know? It can be about anything – I’m all ears. For sure, I want to know how you’re doing and how our community is doing in general.

  • And in closing, know I’m always open and available to you. Again, my personal email is Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I really do want to hear from each and every one of you! I miss you deeply.

Peace and many blessings,

I love you and miss you,

Dr. Deborah 

P.S.  If you missed Derek HInchliffe's talk "Mindful Action. Treat and Move Your Feet" from yesterday, you can watch it below or by clicking here.  



“Where there is no struggle, there is no strength”

— Oprah


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