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Happy Monday, July 4, 2022

What a joy this past weekend to give thanks for our country – July 1st marked Canada’s 155th birthday! We are still a pretty young country in the grand scheme of things. We’re probably just getting into our ‘adult’ years so to speak and I’m grateful for our country’s evolution.

Kenn and I marked the day by riding our bikes to the Canada Day celebrations downtown. We were so happy to go to hear our own Rev. Barb Samuel and Neal Klassen (our arts and music team) with their band, Sista B and the Boyz (and Gurlz) play for the crowds. Congratulations to Festivals Kelowna for doing a wonderful job.

It was so fun being out and about again. The Canada Day celebrations were of course postponed for a couple of years during the Covid-19 pandemic, and so I think the desire to celebrate and give thanks for our country was extra concentrated!

It was super great to see so many people from our Centre for Spiritual Living Kelowna out enjoying the festivities. I was really reminded of the great number of people who’ve been connected with our Centre over time. It was wonderful to re-connect with some of you and it really reminded me of what Dr. Edward Viljoen, Spiritual Leader of Centers for Spiritual Living and the Senior Minister of the Santa Rosa CSL said in his recent newsletter:

“The core superpower that every spiritual community has is the nurturing of relationships. While our teaching, the Science of Mind, asks us to focus on how we evolve our own individual consciousness, consciousness does not exist in a vacuum. Indeed, it teaches us that we are all whole, individual beings that are part of a larger, collective being that we sometimes call God, Spirit, Love, the Universe, and many more names.
“Spiritual community has existed since spirituality has been part of our human experience. Humans build communities, and we do this because we’ve discovered that evolution is easier when we do it together. We are able to learn from one another and share of our ideas and wisdom. We are able to support one another in good times and in challenging times. Together, we are stronger than we are as individuals. That’s why we come together in spiritual community — because relationships are our superpower, and that superpower is pretty amazing!”

As our Centre opens up to more in-person experiences, I sure hope you’ll be joining us again soon (if you haven’t already). We’re now permanently in the large auditorium at Studio 9 with lots of space for everyone.

Here’s what’s up and coming:

We’re planning a Picnic at Kinsmen Park at 4pm this coming Saturday, July 9th. We’re honouring Rev. Corinne as our new Assistant Minister on July 17 at an Installation Celebration and Community Potluck. We’ve got some great classes planned for August/September. Additionally, we have our circle connection time every Sunday after service.

As I’ve said a couple of times in this blog, I never realized how much I missed being in person until we were back together. And for our livestreamers, please, please know I love you, too and I love reading and responding to your comments on Facebook Live Sunday mornings! Keep them coming!


Dr. Deborah


If you missed yesterday’s talk by Rev. Corinne Crockett titled Breaking the Trance of Unworthiness, you can watch it and other past services on the CSLK YouTube channel.



The need for connection and community is primal, as fundamental as the need for air, water, and food.

Dean Ornish


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