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Happy Monday, January 9, 2023

As I prepare to fly out of town later today, I can’t help but think of all the wonderful people in this community who made my first week here such a joy.

I received emails of welcome, many hugs, invitations (accepted) for lunches, dinners, coffees, as well as generosity in terms of making sure that I have a place to lay my head that supports my mind, body, and soul.

This is what makes a great and wonderous community.

Reflecting back what we know about each other is a spiritual practice. Sometimes it’s hard to see the whole, so that’s why I wanted to share on Sunday so many of the inspiring words that you planted as the seeds of the “highest vision” for CSL Kelowna.

So I’d like to share these words with you in a written form, and invite you once again to take these words as your own. Just as we do in treatment for the community, we take what appears in the “outer world” and recognize that we see from within. That everything we see is actually a divine reflection of our inner selves.

The beauty of this is that once we “name” what we see, we are more able to embody it as our experience. As we do that, something new begins to grow within. We become more confident and self-assured in who we are – more declarative, rather than hesitant. And in this moment, we begin to catch the glimmer of something new that spirals us upward to our next great experience.

Why does this happen? Why is it that something new arrives only when we begin to own what we are? This is what Science of Mind teaches. This is the Creative Process itself. From tiny acorns spring great oak trees. But we need to name the acorn, trust the acorn, nourish the acorn.

One way of doing this is to put the words “I AM” in front of the qualities of Spirit. There are an infinite number of Spirit qualities, and the community shared many of those qualities with me on that first Sunday with you all.

As I share some of the words you dropped into the basket, I’d like you to check in and see how you feel when you read these words. Do they feel solid? (Do they make you feel “I’ve got that”?) Maybe they feel a bit edgy; or even give you God bumps. Select one day that has a special power for you, and call these words to mind throughout your day in silent prayer. “I AM _________. And so it is.” As we embody this, our community became alive with the Spirit within.

Enjoy this list of words that came from you.

I AM… Abundant. And so it is.

I AM… Accepting. And so it is.

I AM… Authentic. And so it is.

I AM… Committed. And so it is.

I AM… Community. And so it is.

I AM… Connection. And so it is.

I AM… Creative. And so it is.

I AM… Engaged. And so it is.

I AM… Expansive. And so it is.

I AM… Forgiving. And so it is.

I AM… the Foundation. And so it is.

I AM… Generous. And so it is.

I AM… Global. And so it is.

I AM… Growing. And so it is.

I AM… Intentional. And so it is.

I AM… Joy. And so it is.

I AM… Love. And so it is.

I AM… Open. And so it is.

I AM… Peace. And so it is.

I AM… Power. And so it is.

I AM… Successful. And so it is.

As it is the I AM, it is equally true that WE ARE.

Peace and blessings,

Rev. Karin

PS: Watch out for the weekly Our Community blog post published on Thursdays!


If you missed yesterday’s Sunday celebration titled The Universal Voice, you can watch the replay and other past services on the CSLK YouTube channel.


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