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Happy Monday, January 18, 2021

I want to make sure to acknowledge that today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day – a day to honour his legacy of peace and unity, and his willingness to take powerful action towards those values.

I love sitting down to write my Happy Monday blogs and seeing what comes up as I stare at the blank page. I always wonder where it will go!

The first thing I do is write the date. Today, I noticed how I’m still very unused to writing 2021, and we’re already more than half way through January. I guess maybe some of us aren’t writing the date as much as we used to, in these times of staying closer to home.

Speaking of staying in, I noticed somewhere that it’s “International Introverts” week. I see myself as an introvert, although I don’t quite fit the category as I never tire of being with a group of people, and never feel the need for time by myself. However, I am by nature quiet, reserved, and very okay to be with myself. This has been a boon as we’ve all been encouraged to stay at home during COVID-19. Heck, I’ve even greatly curbed my shopping habit! I do feel for people like my son though, who is the ultimate extravert (in my eyes anyway). I know he’s struggling with missing social contact of all kinds. If you’re experiencing that too, I encourage you to reach out to our Practitioner of the Week, Pauline Weninger (jazz1137@ for prayer. Nothing is too big or too small for affirmative prayer treatment.

I guess one of the great opportunities out of this time is also being given the opportunity to be ever more introspective and to get to know ourselves better. I’ve found this time of “different” to be quite revealing of some of my inner ways of being that were covered with the habits and patterns of life. Some of the things I did, I did only because I always did them that way. I hope each of you are finding out new things about yourself, too. I’m reminded of the Socrates quote:

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”

I think looking at ourselves and spending time being interested in who we are, is to give ourselves an amazing gift. It’s only in looking can we become alert, awake and aware.

I’ll close for today with another Socrates reiteration of his quote:

“We must examine and understand the universe that dwells within [our] own soul.”

That’s a powerful thought!

Join myself, along with Reverends Barb Samuel and Gwen Smith for a Zoom Coffee and Conversation this Thursday, January 21. Maybe we’ll have a chance to share some of our awarenesses that we’ve gleaned about ourselves during this time of isolation. Also, I look forward to a Soul Food Sunday next Sunday where the topic is Chapter 3 of the Science of Mind text: “What it Does”.

Blessings to all,

Dr. Deborah


PS: If you missed yesterday’s talk by Derek Hinchliffe, RScP, titled The Way It Works, you can watch it on our YouTube channel.


Practitioner of the Week is Pauline Weninger, RScP. If you are looking for one-to-one prayer treatment support for ANYTHING, you can contact her directly via email at jazz1137@



Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

— Aristotle


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