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Happy Monday, August 24, 2020

This week’s message from Dr. Deborah

What a Happy Monday it is indeed, after having a live, in-person Sunday Celebration yesterday!

It was wonderful to be with everyone who came to the Vibrant Vine Winery for our outdoor service. It was also spectacular to invite our virtual community along, thanks to the technical skills of Amanda Pope. Much gratitude goes out as well to Rev. Barb Samuel and Neal Klassen for bringing their powerful gift of music and connection. Throughout the morning, I for sure felt the love and appreciation of our spiritual family.

Like many things these days, I found it was simultaneously two things for me: it was so good to be together in community, but boy-oh-boy did it remind me of how hard it is not to have hugs exchanged! Oh well, without a doubt, no hugs was a small sacrifice to make for safety’s sake. And it was hard, too.

The event was also a great test run of the registration feature on our website. (Registration is now required under the Covid-19 guidelines.) Well done everyone, and gratitude for Annie Zed (our webmaster) for setting us up and following through on that process.

Being together in person was also a great opportunity for me to again ruminate on our “what’s next” that I promised to share with you a couple of Mondays ago. Now, it’s not that myself or our Board has figured this out at this point, but I do want to assure you that it’s in our awareness. I’d love to invite all of us into the mulling process. As always, if you have a thought, an idea or an opinion – you can comment below or email me directly at

Here are some ideas and questions I’d love for us to contemplate in moving forward. (This applies to our community and it may also be helpful moving forward in your personal life as well.) These are based on the idea that what’s happened so far in response to the changes in our world, isn’t innovation, it's adaptation. Most of the innovation lies ahead.

Who are we going to be moving forward?

For me, our mission as a spiritual community is to connect people and transform lives with inspiration, education and hope. As we move forward, there will be some things we want to keep and maybe some new things that we’ll want to invite in. Perhaps there are also some things that no longer fit us.

As we evolve, what is it that could never, ever change?

What has to change? What no longer fits?

What comes to mind is the process of pruning. We know the value of pruning our trees and bushes, which is all about keeping the best, the strongest buds, and cutting back what no longer is of benefit so we can really see where we are and why we are. This requires observation, and discernment in moving forward.

Again, I invite your input.


Dr. Deborah

If you missed yesterday’s talk titled Better Together with Drs. Deborah and Kenn Gordon, you can watch it here on YouTube.



“Personal transformation

can and does have global effects.

As we go, so goes the world,

for the world is us.”

— Marianne Williamson


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