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Happy Monday, April 17, 2023

Springing forward into the new

It’s now been a little over four months since I became your interim minister, so it seems a fitting time to give you an update as the fresh air of spring with all its hope and renewal fills my heart and mind.

A year ago, I was unexpectedly reunited with the spiritual leadership team as they gathered together to check out the new Sunday digs at Studio 9.

And now here I am, as your interim minister, helping you transition through the retirement of your founding ministers, who were also my spiritual parents, and within weeks of my work with you, I am sent on my own journey with the transition of my biological mother.

As we say in Science of Mind: “there are no accidents”. We are always being called to dig deep during transitions, so my interior personal journey has become a mirror reflection of the community’s journey. We are all in this together. Change is upon us, and the depth of change is great with appreciation, sorrow, grief, yet also opportunity, and renewed faith in the beauty and power that is ours to share with each other.

My personal experience means I will be away on a leave for the month of May. In preparation for that time, many seeds are being planted. And just like the physical garden you may be planning out as I write, it will take the perfect amount of time to see the bloom.

Here, then, are some of the seeds currently germinating.

Applying principle through education

A total of 24 students have been taking part in a variety of programs.

  • Students enrolled in Keys to Consciousness have just completed their three-week program, learning the basics of the Law of Attraction, the Creative Process, Implicit Bias, Moving from Fear to Faith, and Conscious Intention.

  • Throughout this month, another group of students have been engaged in the Heal Your Body book study, taking a close look at their personal metaphysical relationship with their own body, and supporting classmates in knowing health and wholeness.

  • Meanwhile, Mental Equivalents is inviting students to do deep personal work by listening to their inner voice and discerning how their feelings work in tandem with their thoughts to create an intentional life.

Applying principle in community

The Centre’s Coffee & Connection is on hiatus until June 8 when it returns with a new weekly format. It will continue to be on Thursdays at 10am. I’ll be hosting a Zoom hour for you to reflect and connect around a section of the Science of Mind textbook. This is a time to recharge your spiritual practice by being in community and sharing the experience of living a spiritual life from the centre outward.

Applying principle through shared leadership

Sundays will continue to see a wide range of speakers, as some members of the Centre’s spiritual leadership team return, and Rev. Corinne takes a well-deserved rest. This also means you will enjoy several Happy Monday writers throughout the month of May.

Additionally, the leadership team will be engaging in deep inner work under my guidance. Leadership Team Workshops will be held in June for the leadership to come together, share what has been revealed to them, and celebrate the emerging golden threads that tie this community together.

With this foundation set, watch for dates in June for Community Visioning sessions, as well as a weekly series of classes – Capture the Peak – on how to apply visioning for personal transformation. This is a powerful tool, and has been shown to create strength, flexibility, and especially a greater sense of Spirit’s active presence in community.

We’ve already got plans to lead us into the fall, with another book study on the Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer, in September.

There are so many wonderful things happening at this Centre. It is blessed by a wonderfully committed team of talented and spiritually principled individuals all focused on the ongoing Life and expansion of this teaching right here in Kelowna and beyond.

Please know that as I work through this period of personal transition, this community is in my daily prayers. If you have questions, I’m an email or phone call away.

Peace and blessings,

Rev. Karin


If you missed yesterday’s Sunday Celebration titled Finding My Roots: I touch the tree and my roots get strengthened | CSL Kelowna, you can watch the replay and other past services on the CSLK YouTube channel.


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