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Habits, Mindsets and Beliefs


Habits, Mindsets and Beliefs — Oh My!

— Dr. Deborah Gordon


“According to Bohr and Heisenberg (physicists), the universe exists as an infinite number of overlapping possibilities.

They’re all there in a kind of quantum soup with no precise location or state of being until something happens to lock one of the possibilities into place.

Gregg Braden

Dr. Ernest Holmes tells us that:

“Our hidden beliefs and deeply held convictions inevitably reflect in our experience and in our environment, both in the physical condition of our bodies and in all our affairs in general.

— SOM Beyond Limits course

The Science of Mind urges us to look at our beliefs so we can consciously choose to change those that no longer serve us. One of the keys to doing this is to create new habits that can serve to lead us to a greater experience than what we may currently be experiencing.

We are now livestreaming in 3 places!

Join Dr. Deborah and the rest of the Sunday Six on February 20th at 10:30am on Facebook Live, YouTube or the home page of our website.

Tune in early at 10:20am to hear the music of New Thought musician, Karen Drucker.


This Week’s Science of Mind Theme

The Ultimate Fear-Buster

There are only two emotions: Love and Fear. Love is divine; it is the activity of God. Fear is a tool of the ego, based on a belief that we are separate from God and separate from each other.

Fear arises from the false belief in duality, a belief in an evil power opposed to God. The cause of our fears is based on not knowing who we really are. We release fear through a faith founded on the thought that God is ALL there is.

The moment we realize that we are in the midst of fear, we must not struggle to get away from it. Rather, we must relax and declare the Truth, remembering that the Truth will set us free. Let us invoke this truth by saying, "Wherever I am, there is God. Let there be light in me!" The moment we affirm this truth, fear will vanish.

Love is Universal and the only energy in which God exists. Releasing fear allows us to enter into Love. Love has the power to transform our fears.


In-Person Service at the RCA

We are excited to be together again for an in-person service at the Mary Irwin Theatre in the Rotary Centre for the Arts (RCA) on March 13th. Please RSVP on the In-Person Sunday Celebration event page if you would like to attend.

Please note that the RCA currently requires that all attendees show their BC Vaccine Card. The service will also be livestreamed on Facebook Live, YouTube and the home page of our website.


Annual Membership Drive

Your membership at CSL Kelowna expires at the AGM in March each year. We each have the opportunity once again to take the powerful step of consciously choosing to become a member of the CSL Kelowna community. As we do this, we re-commit to our purpose of Awakening Humanity to its Spiritual Magnificence. Find out more and complete the application form on the Membership page of the website.


Support and Celebration

One of the great things about belonging to a spiritual community is that we are here for each other to celebrate life’s milestones and to support one another during challenging times. If you are struggling right now or you have a life event that you would like to have honoured, please let us know. You can email Amanda Pope at


Practitioner Support

Do you need help seeing the Truth in a challenging situation? Do you need support in finding clarity on an issue? Our Ministers and Practitioners are here in service to you. You can contact them through the About page on our website.


Our Shared Values: Vision

VISION is one of the values we share in the Science of Mind philosophy.

SHARED VALUES: Vision ~ We see the Divine Idea in all circumstances and situations, and make welcome its revelation and expression.


Inspiring Words During the Week

We’re sharing more posts on CSLK’s Facebook page every day to stay connected with you and share our philosophy with a broader audience. Here are a few of the messages shared this week. Click on any image to see more or go to the entire Things to Remember album. We invite you to ‘like’, comment and share any post that resonates!


Regular Events at CSLK

See more details and dates under Upcoming Events on our home page.


Coffee and Connection is every other Thursday with Dr. Deborah Gordon, Rev. Barbara Samuel and friends. The next online gathering is on February 24th at 10am. Everyone is welcome to this time of casual connection.

Passcode: love


After-service Community Chat is every second and fourth Sunday of the month. Join Laura Green and other members of our CSLK community for a friendly catch-up chat after our Sunday Celebration. Our next Community Chat is on February 27th. Everyone is welcome!

Passcode: love


Our Sunday Celebrations are at 10:30am. You can view the livestream on Facebook Live, YouTube or the home page of our website.


Pre-service Meditation and our children's VIBE program are currently on hiatus and are being reimagined.


We are so Grateful for your Support!

We’re thankful for the many ways we are able to accept donations:

  1. Online via the Ways to Donate page of our website (PayPal or credit card).

  2. By Interac e-transfers sent to

  3. By CAFT automatic transfers directly from the bank.

  4. Cheques can be mailed to: Suite 131, 101-1865 Dilworth Drive, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9T1.

For more information, please contact our treasurer, Derek Hinchliffe.



If you could see the object of your fear until you really understand it, it would no longer exert any effect on you. You can do this to the degree where you become aware that you are divinely guided and protected, and establish your understanding of this in a definite way.

— Ernest Holmes


Copyright © 2022, Centre for Spiritual Living Kelowna. All rights reserved.

Vol. 31, Issue 8 | Editor: Annie Zalezsak

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