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Black Lives Do Matter. So What is Mine to Do?

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Black Lives Do Matter. So What is Mine to Do?

— Amanda Pope RScP


Please join us on Facebook Live this Sunday at 10:30 am.


“What people need to understand is that racism and bigotry isn't going to be dismantled by black and brown people. It's going to be dismantled by white people .”

— Michael Beckwith


After Reverend Barb Samuel's powerful talk last week, Amanda follows up with some thoughts about what each of us can do to support the current momentum to move toward a truly equitable society. As someone who experiences privilege, Amanda discusses the importance of finding tangible ways to become a part of the solution.

If you have not seen Barb's talk from last week, you will definitely want to see it before this Sunday. You can watch it here.


Smart Phones needed for Kenyan Students

Do you have an older model smart phone you aren't using anymore? If you do, donating it to the Centre for Spiritual Living Kenya will help Science of Mind students in that African country.

Rev. Connie Phelps is currently in Edmonton, but still teaching her students in Kenya via Zoom.

Here's the message from Rev. Connie:

Some of you were in Nairobi for the magnificent 20/20 Vision Kenya New Thought conference and had an opportunity to experience the Kenyan students love and hunger for our teaching.

To meet that need Science of Mind classes are continuing in Kenya via zoom where the students are committed to continuing practicing and learning principle.

We have had some challenges as it is a developing world... for instance power outages and internet going off are beyond our control... BUT we can make a huge difference by providing newer smartphones for those students that have old phones that cannot accommodate zoom.

If you have a gently used, gsm unlocked smartphone they can be sent to me at:

CSL Kenya

6311 - 109A Street NW

Edmonton, AB T6H 3C6

Or, you can go on our website and click the donate button. Cheques in either Canadian or US dollars can be sent to the address above. Indicate funds are for the smartphone project.

Note: a smartphone in Kenya would cost around $200.


Peace Centre News

You may not have been to the Peace Centre recently, so we wanted to share some photos of the lovely flowers our gardeners are growing.


A Thousand THANK-YOUs for your donation

As you might imagine, the quarantine has not only changed the way we are meeting as a Centre, but it has also drastically changed our finances!

We are so very thankful to all of you who have been able to give during this challenging time! We are deeply grateful to our conscious givers and their steady support – what a true gift! If you would like to donate to your Centre, there are several ways to do that! Just click here to learn more.


Sunday Service Meditation

Sunday morning meditation is back!   

Rev. Melody Bailey has assembled a team to lead us in a meditation practice on Zoom every Sunday morning from 9:45am to 10:05am. That will leave you time for a body break, a coffee or tea refill before you sign in on Facebook Live for our Sunday celebration at 10:30am. 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 824 2377 7379 Password: meditation


Mid-Week Faith Lift


“Knowing is not enough,

we must apply”

 von Goethe


Where two or more are gathered, the power is exponential

You are invited to join in our Mid-week Faith Lift service each Wednesday at 7pm for a time of close community support and connection that you may be missing.

The zoom  information is:

Meeting ID: 658 174 169 Password: 170879

Everyone is welcome to participate in this time of connection.


Wondering How to Access the Sunday Talks?

There are three ways to access the livestream broadcast.

1. Click here just before 10:30 on Sunday morning;


2. Go to our Facebook Page and scroll down until you see the video;


3. Anytime after the service, just go to our YouTube channel by clicking here.


Black Lives Matter

A Message from Rev. Dr. Edward Viljoen, Spiritual Leader

Centers for Spiritual Living stands with people all around the world who are advocating for justice, equity, inclusion, and peace. We are motivated by our vision of a world that works for everyone and, therefore, we affirm with the people of the world that Black Lives Matter. Not only do Black Lives Matter, but according to our teaching, they are sacred.

We have confidence that the momentum of support from individuals, along with, spiritual and secular organizations, is more than a fleeting moment, but rather the heralding of lasting change.

We have confidence that a new era of willingness to engage in the inner work that leads to the end of racism in our world has begun.

We have confidence that the unifying cry of our global heart, that Black Lives Matter, has struck a note of urgency in all who will hear it.

And above all, we have confidence that the Living Spirit Almighty is working through us to bring our stated belief in Oneness into form, in the social, political, judicial, spiritual, and economic realms, and importantly, in our hearts.

The recent tragic loss of Black lives in the United States and other countries due to police violence, and the myriad inequities that have resurfaced, have revealed that our world is still catching up to the vision of a world that works for everyone. We have been called to be brave enough to examine how society can be out of step with its values and how we, as individuals can be out of step with our spiritual values. One of our values in Centers for Spiritual Living is Love as the self-givingness of the Divine to all creation, expressing through us as compassion, caring, mutual respect, and kindness. Our organization’s purpose is to awaken humanity to its spiritual magnificence. What can be more spiritually magnificent than to say a full-hearted yes to this upwelling of affirmation of the sacredness of Black lives?

We invite you to stand with Centers for Spiritual Living, and the people of the world, by affirming with us that Black Lives Matter, so that we may demonstrate the values of our teaching and embrace the emerging universal consciousness of Oneness.

"Let us, therefore, light the candle of love, human kindness, forgiveness, and understanding in our soul, and let it shine brightly. Let us not peer into the darkness, troubled and concerned because it is so foreboding and unknown. Rather let us remain steadfast in the radiance of that Spiritual Light of Truth within ourselves. Let us stand guard so that the winds of malice, cross purposes, ignorance, or misunderstanding will not blow out the Light. Let us so live each day that the Light from our candle of Spiritual Knowledge will forever be clear and understood, not only by ourselves but by all with whom we come in contact."

— Dr. Ernest Holmes, Help for Today (1958), page 99

Dr. Edward Viljoen, Spiritual Leader

Centers for Spiritual Living


A Celebration of Juneteenth

Reservations:   clearly specify date(s)

Reservations appreciated, but not absolutely necessary. It helps us to plan more effectively.                          

Time: 6 PM PT  (1.5 hours)

Host: Rev. Michele Synegal, Chair Diversity Inclusion Comm.

Format: Key History and information about Juneteenth A sacred holiday for Black Americans. Including a Ceremony of Celebration. Rev. Michele will have some very special guests.

Date: Friday June 19th

For more info on Juneteenth go to:

Zoom Link for Webinar:



“God loves each one of us

as if there were only one of us.”

— Saint Augustine


Copyright © 2020, Centre for Spiritual Living Kelowna. All rights reserved.

Vol. 29. Issue 25

Editor: Derek Hinchliffe

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