In addtion to our spiritual directors we have an amazing group of staff ministers. Ministers support the spiritual leadership of the Centre. They teach classes, lead workshops, give inspiring talks, and work one on one with congregants and clients to assist them in discovering the magnificence within.


Licensed ministers are qualified to perform a number of functions. Not only are they licensed practitioners, they also provide spiritual (pastoral) counselling and care. They are registered with BC Vital Statistics to perform weddings, and other rites of passage ceremonies. Meet our ministers below. Click on their names to send them an email.

Reverend Barb Samuel


Barbara Samuel is a Minister, Spiritual Life Coach, Wedding Officiant, musician and vocal instructor.  Her career has been as varied as it has been exciting.  Finding home with the CSLK since 2003 as the Musical & Artistic Director, Samuel brings an energetic, heartfelt connectedness to Sunday Services.


She oversees the “Celestial Singers” choir, all housebands and special services with her Co-Director and husband, Neal Klassen.  Barbara’s most proud accomplishment to date is Soul Food Sunday, an afternoon Sunday service filled with uplifting music and inspirational message.

Reverend Corinne Crockett


A registered nurse by profession, Corinne currently works in palliative care, and considers her service as a practitioner to be a privilege, first and foremost.


“I recognize deep within myself that the knowledge, discipline and tools of the practitioner are the key to living a wonderful and empowered life,” she says. “Within this is the opportunity to serve others in sharing this teaching and being allowed to use this knowledge and practice to support and assist others in living the life they desire.”


In 2014, Corinne was licensed as a staff minister, and has been a licensed practitioner since 2010.

Reverend Diane Hockey


Rev. Diane is grateful for the feeling of Divine connection and clarity she experiences when doing treatment work.


“I LOVE the idea, the knowing,  that there is, in Truth, the potential for a lived experience that is different than what has occurred up until now. Personal empowerment, self-acceptance, abundance - the positive possibilities are infinite, despite what things may look like on the outside. Within our spiritual community, we are never alone, and we are here to remind each other that we are so much more than we think!” We remind ourselves and each other – “change our consciousness, change our lives”.


Rev. Diane fulfills many roles within the Centre including teaching classes, facilitating small groups, serving on the board and providing one on one support to congregants.

Reverend Gwen Smith


Gwen’s desire is to help people to see for themselves what she so clearly sees in them.


“Practitioner work is transformational – not just for my client, but for me as well,” she says. “My purpose is to always know the spiritual truth in each individual and to be authentic in all that I do for anyone.”


Gwen was licensed as a staff minister in 2014 and has been a licensed practitioner since 2013.

Reverend Jeanette Vinek


Jeanette’s passion is to awaken people to the healing presence that is always there.


“I like that I have the skills to create my experience, and understand HOW I'm creating it,” she says. “I love to work with others to have them understand this as well."


A registered nurse and a teacher, Jeanette was licensed as a minister in 2014 and has been a licensed practitioner since 2010.

Reverend Melody Bailey


Rev. Melody Bailey started at the Centre for Spiritual Living in Kelowna in 2003 and was drawn to living the spiritual live as a Practitioner.  She was inspired to become a Minister and has been licensed now since 2008. 


Rev. Melody loves to be of service through Spiritual Coaching in all four quadrants of live:  Creative Expression, Health, Wealth and Loving Relationships.  Currently Leading Sunday Meditation and just starting Pet Ministry, Melody also provides Ministry in the South Okanagan through Services, classes and workshops.

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